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  1. I thought I had uninstalled Camera 360* using Settings > Applications > Manage Applications but when I connect the phone via USB to my Mac I can see a Camera 360 folder and two other folders/files that may be associated: "Freerange 360" and "c360_debug.txt" SF Orange files.tiff. Is it safe to trash these? *Not recommended. It keeps turning on roaming and burns up battery life
  2. The last major change I made was downloading Spotify, for which I also downloaded five or six albums. Undownloaded all but one album but everything I do - whether it's flicking across screens, bringing up or deleting emails, displaying the phone dialler, using the online dictionary or maps - takes 20 times as long as it used to.
  3. That did it. Many thanks, nikonboy. And thanks to everyone else who gave their time and effort.
  4. I can upload to my Mac via Bluetooth but it takes a long time. I've connected to a USB port on the Mac but the phone is invisible. (Similarly, I've only been able to add music to the phone via Bluetooth.)