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  1. Bespatter added a post in a topic [expired] Snag yourself over £27 of FREE Amazon Coins   

    Thanks, the question now is what to spend it on? Lots of the apps are Kindle only...
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  2. Bespatter added a post in a topic 20 Jan Gr6 (V20o): MoDaCo Custom ROM for the LG Optimus 2X with Online Kitchen (stock+vanilla)   

    I'm having the same problem, it just wont connect since I flashed GR4.
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  3. Bespatter added a post in a topic cannot boot after install R19   

    I had exactly the same issue as you when I installed FR19, I too was coming from stock.

    I got around it by installing an older version of ClockworkMod Recovery (possibly 3.2 I dont remember exactly) and performing the ROM install from that. I've since moved to the latest version and I can flash whatever I like now.

    I can explain why this might be, however it's worth a go to try to get you out of a pickle.
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