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  1. After a reboot commmand in a shell (busybox installed) i get the internal storage full and i can't install nothing. With adb command i can see the filesystems are not full. Seems to be write protect. I need help please! :( And if i try to change permissions at files ... chown sysyem.100 init at reboot back to root root
  2. For Liquid MT you MUST use: fastboot -i 0x0502 .......... By
  3. Try to flash Technolover boot for gingerounay
  4. Of course , 3.0.1 is an upgrade or fix Before install 3, wipe all
  5. Try hard reset Vol up + Vol down + power
  6. Yes, but with the recovery you can get many util. Are you shure to have right installed the recovery? the combo keys are, then, still confermed: (vol+) - (Vol-) - (camera focus) - (power). Stay pressed. If isn't retry By
  7. Best solution is to install the recovery 2.2 boot in recovery by press (Vol+) (Vol-) (camera focus) (power) select the partition SD, and create also an Ext2.
  8. Unzip then copy the acer_ug folder (unzipped) under /sdcard
  9. Try this ...........
  10. mkdir /system/sd sd folder MUST occur in /system folder This is true in Ext2 , Ext3 and 4 may be not working By
  11. GREAT! Only one thing......... can we have the changelog for the new recovery? Many thanks!!!
  12. Ok Tks
  13. Flashed 1.2. I have a problem with the battery: stop the charge at 91% 4167mV but the led is always flashing. :huh: ps. is similar at post 224
  14. Grat Job Dave. :lol: So maybe I stopped bothering you ;)
  15. Ok, i'll wait. Tks

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