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  1. Hi godo13405, I have something similar like yours. I can connect to secure wifi networks and make use of all apps without any problem. However, for some reason, in order to connect to other secure wifi, I need to delete the first entry from my network list. Its frustrating because at work I need to type these details every morning and then I have to delete the entries and enter a new network details when I'm at home every evening! Also, I did experience the grey wifi symbol and I think the problem would be with the router not connecting to the internet.
  2. From my side, wifi downloads are normal, as in I feel that they are the same speed as always. Same could be said for the play store. I don't think its a ROM issue. Can you check your download speed? Did you try with a different wifi connection?
  3. I have installed the latest build (11.10) and I've been using it daily for the last 3 days. All I can say is that I've found it to be "faster" than the previous build. Also, I got just 1 random reboot. I found the following issues to be better then the previous build: - Stronger wifi reception - Longer battery duration
  4. I do have a sim card as I'm using this rom for daily use. I had to use an external app because I could not find the developer options / performance options in the settings menu. Is there a way to find them or am I doing something wrong here? --- Edit --- Sorry dumb question from my side. After clicking like 5 times on "Build Number" I now have the developer options and performance options.
  5. I have a European Blade. Finally, after some 3 hours of fooling around, I managed to fix my issue. Here's what I did: 1) Flashed to Gen1-to-Gen2-v10-stock 2) Flashed to KonstaKang-CM7-Swedish-Snow-RLS7 3) Flashed to KonstaKang-CM-10.2 Now I have: System: 180Mb Data: 274Mb Cache: 2Mb SdCard: 1.54Gb Now I can safely say that I'm enjoying this latest CM mod :) One other question, is this rom slow on your devices or is it just me? After I've set the CPU to smartAssv2 and Max. Clock Feq to 787Mhz and Min Clock Feq to 245Mhz and I/O Scheduler to bfq. it feels a little better :) I made use of No-frills CPU Control to adjust my CPU frequency. Any advice on this?
  6. I don't want to be offensive...but I don't know if they had the same problem as I had. Apart from that, I had CM10 installed before this update. Are you referring to the system partitioning? I already have 256Mb of system space which I believe is more then enough since the minimum requirement is 180Mb. Correct? Update: I've followed the TPT partition and image creation steps and when I tried to install CM10.2, I am still facing the same issue. Any hints please?
  7. My device: ZTE Blade I have ClockworkMod Recovery v6.0.2.7. Previously, I had KonstaKang-CM10 installed. I've got an issue while installing KonstaKANG-CM10.2... I have wiped everything from my mobile and formatted the following: /boot /cache /data /sdcard /system /sd-ext I downloaded cm-10.2-20130924-KonstaKANG-blade.zip and copied it to my device. When I try to install this by selecting the zip from sdcard, I get the following error: -- Installing: /sdcard/cm-10.2-20130924-KonstaKANG-blade.zip Finding update package... Opening update package... Verifying update package... Installing update... symlink: some symlinks failed E:Error in /sdcard/cm-10.2-20130924-KonstaKANG-blade.zip (Status 7) Installation aborted. Anyone has any ideas please?
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    Which Tablet To Buy?

    59 Views and no reply...Am I in the correct forum?
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    Which Tablet To Buy?

    I am currently searching for high-end Android tablet. I'm still unsure about which tablet to buy though I know some specs which I would want: -> CPU: Dual Core or Quad Core - Something in the likes of Nvidia Tegra 3 (or better) -> RAM: 1Gb DDR3 (or better) -> ROM: 32GB (or better) -> DISPLAY: 10.1 inch with Gorilla Glass -> RESOLUTION: 1280x800 (or better) -> WIFI: b/g/n -> Clear and loud sound Could you please help me decide on which tablet to buy? At this point, I'm not limited to a particular budget, I just want a high-end, latest-tech Android tablet. If possible, please also tell me why I should buy the particular tablet which you would recommend. Thanks in advance for any help that you'll offer.