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  1. Lordificated added a post in a topic Where to buy the Orange San Francisco online (Grey / White)   

    any chance of getting a genuine WHITE SF/Blade/dell-xcd35 in INDIA???

    i wanna buy this one... but from this post itself i heard that the indian version has only 256RAM..!

    any help???
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  2. Lordificated added a topic in ZTE Blade / Libra - Blade.MoDaCo.com   

    DELL XCD35/ZTE Blade/San Francisco

    i've been reading about this ZTE cellphone... seems like DELL has launched it in India as DELL XCD35...

    now my question is, if both phones are made by ZTE, the same phone, means the H/W is 100% same???

    So, all the mods that can be done on ZTE BLADE can be done on a DELL XCD35???

    Does anyone know about the minor h/w differences between these versions???
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