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  1. And: From Here: http://forum.xda-dev...5&postcount=225
  2. This: From here: http://forum.xda-dev....php?p=33374614
  3. @Gangster In the CM9 ROM your update Is not integreated Is it enough to replace your new files in the ROM? (Unpack, Replace, Pack, Flash the modified ROM)? Or is there more to do?
  4. Can anyone who use this Rom tell me, if these patches from Burstslams ICS ROM are includes: RC 7.0.0 - lockscreen vibration and: The option to toggle in 2G in standby (Romcontrol - Power save) Or is this "Standard" in AOKP?
  5. Means this, that the complete OMX Libs from Gangster are ported to JB or do you make some hacks, that youtube hq is working?
  6. This can make by yourself. Expand the zip on your computer Goto system}app in the expand direcory Delete trebuchet.apk Copy the apex laucner apk in this direcory Make a new zip Flash, Enjoy (I know, there a much easyer way to do this.....)
  7. Settings - Rom Konfiguration - Power menu options - Show navigation bar toggle (set it to enable) Now press the power button long and you have a option to disable the navigation bar. It seems this ROM works great for me. I can configure the Lockscreen, so i can add a silent button And I can set 2G in Standby Mode, so i have no Battery Drain with enable 3G (I have this Problem with all ICS / JB ROMS)
  8. Same problem here, this is the reason why i dont update. With CM 10 I have a empty battery with aktivated 3G in 11-13 ours standby. With CM7.2 aproximately 3 days.... EDIT: In the Stats it is only Mobility Standby, i have not installed GoogleNow
  9. ??? There are already enough patches for Gingerbread the last half year... ICS its done when its done. First or second CM rule. Look at the github repository they make many things. And if you cant wait, ask your Telephon Provider for ICS for your Blade: Good Luck..... Build server: Look here: https://plus.google....533781522/posts
  10. Or This: http://cm-7-nightlies.appspot.com/?device=blade