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  1. [REQ] Acer_4.000.13.AAP.GEN2 bin

    runs fine now, thanks bro
  2. [REQ] Acer_4.000.13.AAP.GEN2 bin

    is there some problem with the link for you as well? "page not found" for me
  3. [REQ] Acer_4.000.13.AAP.GEN2 bin

    followed your steps but adt says "bin file corrupted" :( already tryed twice, any suggest?
  4. Latest version of CWM Touch

  5. [REQ] Acer_4.000.13.AAP.GEN2 bin

    thanks mate!
  6. hi fellas, vache's website seems down, could someone please upload the original bin file for the lastest acer version, i really need it but can't find it anywhere, thank you in advance
  7. [ROM][beta]CyanogenMod 9

    So sad to hear that lens, thanks for everything you done for us, i'm in for a donation, but i think you wanna change device now and start playing with something else, i get it..that's a big pity cause you were so close, bad fortune..but don't abandon android for wp! :-P
  8. [ROM][beta]CyanogenMod 9

    Ohh wtf stop asking annoying stupid question!
  9. Where are you from?

    East Europe
  10. Jellybean on metal, is it going to happen?

    today jb aosp source code will be release
  11. Where are you from?

  12. [ROM][beta]CyanogenMod 9

    maybe you are right..well try it's for free ;)
  13. [ROM][beta]CyanogenMod 9

    lens i just asked help to a developer friend of mine about our situation, he told me to ask to this user on xda who is very good on kernel related issues, his username is franciscofranco, i would contact him by my self but i can't explain the situation, if you want try to ask him
  14. Jellybean on metal, is it going to happen?

    I read that jb needs lot of ram, I'd like first a full working ics, then we can focus on jb.. hopefully v sync and triple buffering will increase significantly speed on low specs devices too