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    Jiayu G2 Review

    I installed the 4.1.2 Beta 1 for my jiayu g2 (dualcore). It seems to be stable so far. Only notification led is not working on mine ...
  2. Thank you and Jurrasstoil for the explanation. I tried RMClock on my notebook and it seems that undervolting works, but after the test I reverted the change. No matter what outcome your test has, I won't use this undervolting thing, especially not in its current state. I didn't have any positive experience with it in daily use. But of course I'm interested in your test results :)
  3. I was looking for an explanation for what undervolting is and found this: When I understand it correctly then undervolting is just a another way to set the clockspeed. It gives the possibility to change the clockspeed to a non standard clockspeed. That is logical to me. First I mistakenly thought undervolting is to provide a lower voltage, but having the same clockspeed. If my understanding is correct, then undervolting is something I definitely don't need.
  4. A fully charged battery has about 3.7 V. A depleted battery has say 3 V (?). According to the theory of some guys here, would it mean: the lower the battery level, the less power the blade (or any device) will consume?
  5. I would say our CPU behaves more or less like the cpu of a computer, but designed for more power efficiency. The lower the speed the lower the powerconsumption and therefore lower voltage. But that has nothing to do with undervoltage. When I understand it correctly, then the aim with undervoltage is to reduce the voltage, but keeping the clockspeed. That's an illusion. I would say, the undervoltage only equals to a misconfiguration. Providing the cpu with a voltage that it is not designed for. Which will more harm than benefit. The only way I see to have more battery life, but without losing performance is through smarter governors.
  6. I read so many positive reaction on that undervolting cpu thing, that I have to try it out myself. I didn't make any tests, but after using it some days, I can't say I got more battery life. On the contrary, when I set my Blade to only use GSM (2G), my battery was depleted within hours without any use. I don't see any connection between 2G and cpu - undervolting, but somehow it influences it. Another thought: The cpu will need a amount of power to run at a certain clockspeed. If you lower the voltage, the cpu will draw more current to get the same power. At the end you won't get any benefit, because the cpu needs the same amount of power. To be honest, I wouldn't recommend that undervolting thing to anyone. Maybe it will shorten the cpu's life?
  7. With my Blade, I can get into 'Safe Mode' on pressing the Menu Button while booting as described (see 'HTC devices with physical buttons').
  8. 569

    Source codes

    wbaw you should read the GPL more carefully. If you still don't understand, you can consult a lawyer. The one who violates the GPL is you (I've already told you), not zte.
  9. 569

    Website Update - Monday 11th July 2011

    With 'HTML off' in 'Post Options' all the replies and edits got messed up.<br /><br />It looks correct when 'HTML On' is chosen:<br /> With 'HTML On' there's still a problem with editing a post: it adds a lot of html stuff ...
  10. 569

    Website Update - Monday 11th July 2011

    It's not only the additional br, but the whole quote is somehow messed up. e.g.: <br /><br /><br />
  11. Yeah, will try it this weekend. Maybe there's something wrong with my current installation. When I turn on Watchdog and look at the CPU usage, there are two apps constantly using CPU: "Android System" (~7%) and "Status Bar" (~3%). IIRC on the froyo roms all the loaded apps are showing 0% and only from time to time some shows some percent, but none of them are constantly using the cpu. I hope the battery drain will get fixed with a new installation.
  12. This is what I experienced with the custom ROMs I tried: Battery is charged (100%). With airplane mode on over night (7-8h) I got the following battery level the next morning: Flb Froyo: 99% - 100% SS Froyo: 98% GSF B9: 94% - 95%
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    Website Update - Monday 11th July 2011

    I have a Problem when I click on "Reply". The Quotation is messed up. I'm using Opera 11.50. Is there a solution?
  14. Yes, using Wi-Fi to connect the handset with the internet. At work I don't have w-lan and it could also be useful when travelling.
  15. Does anyone know how to change the color scheme in Android? Everywhere (settings, menu,...) is white font on a black background. That's hardly readable on sunlight. Is it possible to change it to have black font on a white background? In framework-res\res\color\ there are files postfixed with dark and other with light, but I don't know how to make it use the "light" theme.