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  1. Just chillin' after tea... Got to call @realandyclarke and my bro Kaif now... Then upstairs to sort the boudoir and play #masseffect2

  2. Being able to do more stuff with my kid is one of the main factors in the decision I have taken... For those of you curious, more at 12pm...

  3. has led his Liverpool team to eighteen games won in a row between 29.7.2010 and 27.10.2010. #FM2011

  4. Check out ickle Tiggie-wig asleep... Aww... http://twitpic.com/5rqb16

  5. Crikey, you are really stunning! "@sophiedee: http://t.co/CpseTsb Pix 2"

  6. Just going through Nate's report; my son is SO like me, it's uncanny; immensely intelligent and talented, but easily distracted ;)

  7. Been feeling apprehensive about what I need to do today, and but a wise @shelleyf83 told I can't hold back worrying what people think...

  8. FREE PANCAKE TIME!!!! RT @deanie_williams: I'm at Pancake Express (107 The Orient, The Trafford Centre, Trafford) http://4sq.com/nfsFKo

  9. Big #WIN for the new Android Market: being able to sign into different accounts!

  10. Just watched How To Train Your Dragon in.full for the first time tonight... Awesome film! :-)