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  1. Hyperbole generally precedes disappointment.
  2. You need to look for ROMs that can be used on locked bootloader devices. Check the development section for your phone at XDA to see what's available.
  3. Yandex bought SPB some time last year and released a free version in Russian/Ukrainian/some other languages in their strongest markets. It is SPB shell, but a region specific version.
  4. Flashtool makes things easy. Don't have a J myself, I have XZ and haven't had any issues with other Xperias using it.
  5. I use ArmAmp on both my phones Its getting a release on Play soon. Clean Music is a pretty nifty folder based player on Play Store. Free. Most of my music is 1- 3hr mixes so also find album art pretty meaningless. DeadBeef is very good too. Don't forget the plugins.Just don't use the album art view and its all good. Neutron Player is excellent, if ugly, as well.
  6. SystemCleanup is very handy little app for deleting, freezing, backing up, cache cleaning and more. It also tells which apps are safe to remove and which not to. Been using it for a couple of years at least across several different phones -
  7. Nice update. Very useful app too.
  8. You can pick up Xperia S for under £170 if you look about. 2011 Xperia phones like the Arc S have pretty active development.
  9. Naked Browser is small, fast and secure. Its not pretty or fancy looking though, just efficient - Tint Browser is good as well. Its light and fast, and as a nice bonus is Open Source. Get it either on the market or F-Droid repository. Opera Mobile Labs if you want extension support. Or Orbot +Tor Browser for peace of mind.
  10. I want one, but already have a Neo, XS and XT. Don't think I can justify £500+ just yet.
  11. There's quite a bit of discussion about this here - - some interesting stuff, including reports of Dalvik engineers opinion (not impressed). I tried it and noticed a decrease in performance myself.
  12. The evidence points that way, doesn't it. Pretty happy with all the Xperia phones I've had/got myself.
  13. Free upgrade.
  14. Much appreciation for the work you guys have put into the 2011 Xperia phones.
  15. Unfortunately "Plan B" doesn't work on ICS or above.

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