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    Can't install Cyanogenmod 7.1/any costum ROM (ClockworkMod: Error Status 7)
    A friend of mine bought a Pulse (U8220) on eBay with a broken gingerbread or so installation. Because he has not that much knowledge of Android he gave it to me to fix it.
    I finally installed the UK 2.1-update1 version after hours of trying to get into recovery as I only loaded into fastboot or the mobile just crashed; therefore root and AmonRa are gone.
    Gladly I was now able to start into 2.1 and install the drivers of the Huawei/T-Mobile PC Suite on my windows machine so I was able to use fastboot and flash clockworkmod onto it.

    Inside of cwm I tried to install Cyanogenmod 7.1 after this manual: http://wiki.cyanogen...ll_Update_Guide (as it helped me a lot with cwm), sadly I only get following error message (Status 7)
    Any suggestions/fixes for this? Or might this happen cause not being root anymore?

    Another problem still occurring is the phone restarting from time to time (when I got it it stuck inside a boot loop). Is this some kind of hardware defect? If yes I would stop trying to get it working as it's supposed to be and that friend would sell it again

    Update: tried the stable 6.1 version but same error
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