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  1. Vanilla version: Same as Pie, except: -no circle battery mod -no notification power widget -no power menu reboot options -no transparent notification area -no CRT screen off animation -default wallpaper
  2. You're a champion ;) It works perfectly now thank you very much PS: With your updater-scipt : install aborded: show_progress (0.500000, 0); .................................................. blank line ui_print ("Installing ..."); (I do not know if the blank line or name too long So I modified the two I delete the blank line and I renamed the. zip with a shorter name ( M-RLS3-USB-Debugging-fix.zip) show_progress (0.500000, 0); ui_print ("Installing ...") and install succesfull
  3. I did a full factory wipe / data / system: cache etc ... Flash RSl3 re-install USB driver. MAJ sdk android. and I try on three computer + first pc Windows XP and second Windows Vista PC and a Mac 0s10.2. And I do not see the debug window in the tray notifications. It's the same debugging usb do not work for me. Another idea? :)
  4. Rls3 , and drivers ZTE. with Full wipe : factory , cache and system.
  5. Hello I have a small problème : USB debugging mode does not work. My android sdk- do not recognize the ZTE. I updated android-sdk and install USB drivers, but still does not work and it is not written either in the system tray just usb mass storage works an idea? a tip ? a solution ? Thks. Other than that, great job, nice ROM fluid, speed, excellent battery autonomy.
  6. if you install only the addons that's normal Install one of the four themes bluecarbon and after install the addons
  7. just a friend that test your rom I'll test me now! is better:)
  8. Apparently the headset and fm radio not work Are you aware? Is it true ?
  9. [THEME] FULL GreyOrange Devil GSF27 with ScrollQuickPanel , bootanimation and splash. A theme is the basis for my wife. (A bit special and original) She liked it, and advised me to you to enjoy. It's ALL-in-One. My script will make the necessary wipes and install in a single pass theme, bootanimation and splash. To install, just do: #Choose fom sdcard install zip and confirm with Home #Choose from sdcard choose zip #Select (ThemFULL-GSF-GreyOrange.zip) and press Home and after install ,reboot. icons wallpaper dock.rar (122.19 KB) in Download Here Unpacked on the computer and installed either manually or with LauncherPro. This Thèmes in Download Here ThemFULL-GSF-GreyOrange.zip (7.95 MB) MD5 : c7a729cb980928865c6871cad4eb4507 if it does not agree, I put a packreset all in one for GSF27 in download here FullReset-GSF27.zip (6.37 MB) MD5 : 0d86fb7fc3d8e0a3b1fdb1059af38686 ditto everything automatically.This will provide the theme, and the splash bootanimation original GSF27. Screens : .................... .................... Splash : And bootanimation :
  10. I do not know, but I guess yes, because the ROm blade Mix is based on the gsf14.
  11. [THEME] Cappuccino "With Scrool QuickPanel 9 toggles" for Ginger Stir Fry B26 / B27 CAUTION : do not install on GSFb20 ou Blade-onMCSF 1.00 ! Thx to KonstaT for your Quickpanel mod. NEWS : No need to make a Dalvik Wipe Wipe Cache or Cache Partition (The Wipes will be done automatically by the installation of the theme) To install, just do: #Choose fom sdcard install zip and confirm with Home #Choose from sdcard choose zip #Select (ThemGSF26-Cappuccino.zip) and press Home and reboot. Download ThemGSF26-Cappuccino.zip (5.41 MB) Here Md5 : 3b4c72aaec677e60d17168ba48525290 + Download Wallpaper capuccinno.jpg (158.78 KB) Here Download Dock and icone for launcherPro (44.15 KB) Here Screens :
  12. lol sorry is correct (bad copy / paste to my old post greycarbon). it's right now.