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  1. Hey Paul, it's a good read. I do have a question: the LG O2X had a feature that when you tapped the phone on the left during typing, the cursor would jump 1 place to the right. Is it possible to do this with Tasker? I would love that on my (stock rooted) SGS2 :D Cheers!
  2. Nom nom tastes like 2X Gingerbread

    So if you buy a brand new Porsche and they put in an engine that's is comparable to a 4 year old Fiat Panda and someone tells you, you can go ahead and buy a better one on Ebay but should enjoy the audio system on the carpark, you will follow his advise? ;)
  3. Nom nom tastes like 2X Gingerbread

    I am yet to see people complain that get more then a day out of their standard LG 2x juice. Mine doesn't make it through the day and needs to be refueled after 6-8 hours of little use. Maybe it's just me, but I find that a 'not so good' durability. And yeah, looking forward to Paul's great work on GB. I'm really eager to hear if there are any cool new features implemented and how ie. 720 or 1080 MKV files play on the device. Cheers! :)