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  1. Thanks just checked the System and no matter what TPT image i flash (Menu + Vol) there all going fine so it flashes successful in the green writing im at a bit of a loss i've even tried to revert back to Gen 1 and its not working...... Thanks for your Help Zeelog youve got it narrowed down i'll play and try and find a resolve Edit : Resolved Thanks What was happening as i couldn't download the tpt helper as i diden't have google play i was just downloading the TPT image from XDA and for some reason it was flashing sucsessfully but not changing the partition... so i downloaded TPT helper on another phone and transferred the APK to my blade, re downloaded the image from the app and reflashed and that worked...... Thanks for the help again Zeelog
  2. Hi there Thanks for the great rom, Installed it and its nice and fast but i've only had one issue im unable to install gapps, History its a Gen 1 phone that i used TPT to upgrade to gen2 v10c and i've tried V10 - stock also and both have the same effect i can install the rom and it boots fine and runs fine.. but if i try to install gapps (gapps-jb42-20130307-KonstaKANG) it says in rocovery its gone fine but boot into the rom and nothing is there? I'm kind of at a loss now as im not sure what is causing it. I fullwipe , Cache , Format system and wipe Dalvik on every install. is anyone aware what could be causing it? Any help is appreciated regards Wappy
  3. Ahh dam my DHD has software of 2.50 can't root letalone s-off Ahh still even like this its better than an iPhone ;-)

  4. Ahhhhh now have in my hand a desire hd.... Ahh I have my hand back!

  5. Phone arrives tomorrow, go it feels as tho i've lost an arm with out it!

  6. ʎɐqǝ uo pɹɐoqʎǝʞ ɐ ʎnq ı ǝɯıʇ ʇsɐן ǝɥʇ sı sıɥʇ