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  1. Will this ROM work on a V880 with 256MB?
  2. Thank you very much for your ROM. I have replaced the latest nightly of CM7 with your ROM and the device (Chinese ZTE V880) is working much smoother. One thing I noticed, as I am using the Hebrew fonts, is that I could not see the bold Hebrew fonts (regular Hebrew font was used instead of them). I have overriden the fonts directory with the fonts in the following link and it solved this "bold" problem. http://iandroid.co.i...ile.php?id=1224
  3. Sej, Your download link is empty. I am still with n142+ and would like to upgrade. Where can I find one of your above recommendations?
  4. Thank you very much for this ROM. I have installed it on my brand new ZTE V880 from China Unicom and it works great. All phone functions are operating smoothly.
  5. Hi, I just bought my phone from here: http://www.360buy.co...uct/332308.html This is a China Unicom 256MB RAM ZTE V880 blade. Now, what do I do? Should I use this guide: http://android.modac...or-gen2-device/ Can I install this ROM: http://android.modac...sp-dialer-gen2/ Does it support the 256MB RAM Blade version? What are the chances of me bricking my phone? Thanks, Nir