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  1. Hi poulpix83 Thanks for your answer , I have tried the redbull-light after your instruction (via Google translator) :unsure: and everything went well, and I was also able to change language to Danish. But the phone work very slow now (And the CPU bar nearly peek all the time) , also when I compare it to CM7 - can i do something to speed the system up ? /Per
  2. Goddag and Hallo Thanks for your answer, step 1,2, and 3 worked just as you descried - no problem. But I have not been able to find a 2.1 ROM that work on top at U8230 V100R001C101B282SP02(France BYTEL) -> "OEMSBL version unmatched" Do you have a link ? /Per
  3. Hallo again Sir. Thanks for your time.... Just an additional comment. When I try to load an officinal Firware, i do it via the DLOAD folder (VOL-Up+END+POWER), but the GM7 are loaden via Flash.. where I read a .zip file (END+MENU+POWER) /Per
  4. Hi, and thanks for your quick answer , and sorry for my late response. I have looked into the German forum, and it did not help me. I have tried to download at lot of different firmware (Different language, supplier - at version 1.5 and 2.1) At the moment I have 3 different scenario. 1. (This bricked my phone) when I put U8230 V100R001C00B837(Normal) into DLOAD at the sd card and boot-up to firmware update with press VOL-UP+END+POWER, it start to write the update, when the update comes about 90%, it writes "Update failed" and all the LED flash. I can start this operation over and over again, at any time. 2. When I try to put another firmware, a version 1.5 or 2.1 into the DLOAD folder at the sd card, and start up, it says "Update failed" and flash all the LED before it start to load anything - the log files says "OEMSBL version unmatched" After at lot of "google" I think it has something to do with "Boot.ini", but I am not sure and I can't get any longer with that clue. 3. I have tried to install Cyanogen (CM7) with Android 2.3, and that works, except the camera. - so my wife says it doesn't work <_< Give the description above any new ideas ? :rolleyes: Br Per
  5. Hej, jeg har samme problem som du har haft med din U8230 - har du stadig den downgrade fil version 1.5 ?

    Det officielle link virker ikke mere.

    Håber du ser denne besked.


  6. Does anybody have a link to the dload file from step 2 ?, the official link doesn't work any longer. Thank /Per
  7. Martin, did you still have the official 1.5 downgrade file ?, the link from the guide doesn't work any longer.

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