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  1. upgrading from 2.3.4 to 2.3.5

    the steps are the same as flash any leak firmware, so you are right
  2. Ginger_dmd_4.000.07_aosp_v2

    there are red drops not red arrows as should
  3. Ginger_dmd_4.000.07_aosp_v2

    take it
  4. Ginger_dmd_4.000.07_aosp_v2

    call history have artifact
  5. Ginger_dmd_4.000.07_aosp_v2

    the system waring that can not enter to google talk
  6. Ginger_dmd_4.000.07_aosp_v2

    seems work okey, but no recording conversation so no profit for me :(
  7. Ginger_dmd_4.000.07_aosp_v2

    i going to test it, thank you
  8. Porting AOSP dialer

    how did you do it& can you share your dialer& i think you miss some res recording conversation is work& do your dealer has this feature
  9. [ROM] Gingerounay 3.0.1 (05/11/2011)

    no wifi, where are post that other people has the same issues http://4pda.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=230135&st=920#entry8326095