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  1. I believe rooting has been blocked by the latest update and downgrading isn't possible either. I may be wrong, but currently just recovered my SanDiego after an Orange power button fix to XOLO (coz I didn't read the warning about the XOLO update from an upgraded Orange phone using HDMI back to XOLO with the 58mb update. So where do I go from here? Can I go anywhere?
  2. Cozworth806

    phone to replace orange san diego

    Huawei P6 I reckon if its not to expensive for you, the Y300 or G510 are both nice phones running Nova launcher
  3. While we are at it can someone confirm the order of the instructions to use? I read somewhere to flash the Orange logo first (4) then is it just (2) to flash from XOLO ICS to Orange ICS? I am rooted on XOLO but my power button has sunk like so many others so it may need to go back (currently with cardboard under the left edge, but wondering if a matchstick may be better)
  4. What "click the box" mean? Enable the adb box? to make it insecure? I did that and the out of date message is still showing, am I missing something?
  5. Cozworth806

    Xolo or Orange Rom for better battery life

    I tried this app and altho it was nice didnt help battery life at all
  6. Cozworth806

    Xolo or Orange Rom for better battery life

    Anyway I went to Xolo (Oct 12) and rooted and stripped the OS of the crudware, installed juice defender. Instead of the battery decreasing when I am not using it, I can be safe in the knowledge that it will now last till the end of the day. Still not the best ever (and as good as the S2) but its ok for my day to day usage for most things. One thing I have noticed though is the back of the OSD gets noticeably hotter under XOLO than under the newer Orange ICS OS. That may just be me though Thanks for the help
  7. Cozworth806

    Xolo or Orange Rom for better battery life

    The S2 is a nice looking phone, about the same physical size but I wouldnt pay the £20+pm for it, compared to me getting the OSD for £100 with a £5pm sim only
  8. The main reason I want to root or update or whatever my San diego is to improve the battery life, which frankly is pants, barely lasting a day of modeate use, and in some cases not even that if I actually use it. So I am on the patched ICS Orange rom. I will need to update my Rom to root, or swap to Xolo. What are the best options to try and get the most out of the battery, where in comparison my wife has just got a Galaxy S2 which lasted a day and a half of fairly heavy use. What apps to dump or disable, what Rom to use etc Thank you
  9. Cozworth806

    How to root with 27mb easy guide -noobs!!

    Got the 271mb download from here btw Would that allow root access while sticking with Orange?
  10. Cozworth806

    How to root with 27mb easy guide -noobs!!

    This is where I am, confused with a new San diego (well Jan 13) that refuses to root, but have downloaded two update.zip files that I found. Runs Orange ICS An Orange ICS file that is 271mb and a XOLO ICS file that is 299mb. If the Orange ICS that is 5 months old will allow root access then can I just update from the phone directly or can you not downgrade the OS from the phone without the AIO tool (never had success with that either)
  11. Cozworth806

    [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    Would that be a reason why the tool doesn't complete when I try to root my new phone, just sits there hanging at the running prompt? This is after enabling USB debugging etc. My new phone came with GB, I upgraded to ICS, and while the old phone I had (thats I bricked) rooted fine, this one just won't do it. Owt else I can try? Would like to clear some apps I won't use really, and enable the SD card. Ta
  12. Cozworth806

    How To root your San Diego

    I got my replaced San diego today. My first one rooted fine but that had ICS from the outset. This one had GB but I updated that to ICS with an OTA update. However as mentioned about the tool I have run, both with AIO and this one, just sits at the "running" stage When I try to execute adbd its says that Superuser access is needed but could not be acquired. Tried pulling the USB and it causes the prog to finish but still doesn't allow access to adbd
  13. Cozworth806

    [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    So I want to root, enable the SD card, and debrand. Think I have Orange ICS (swapped out phone arrived today) Does the debrand option automatically strip apps from the install or does it a choice as to what you can remove? Do I have to run deodex first to enable the SD card? (This is where I bricked it last time) Ta
  14. Cozworth806

    [Tool]AIO Tool for San Diego and xolo

    No there wasn't a question there, as I actually missed the first (and obviously most important part) of the setup after install. Will download and see if that enables anything better. Still within 14 days so orange said they will take it back.