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  1. MMW 81 - Lull != LOL

    You mentioned chromecast on offer for £20 on amazon, Currys are offering it online for £18. Surely a steal at that price!
  2. MMW 80 - Aaaaand we're back!

    On the subject of 10.1" android devices, I had the wonderful Advent Vega. Playing around with it is how I found out about this site by the way! So, 2 - 3 years ago, with a bit of hacking about, thanks to paul, scanno and others, I could use a wireless keyboard, connect an external HDD to watch pretty much any format. Browse the web with very few issues, everything I wanted. The Hardware on that obviously has a fair few limitations and was not in the same league as the Ipad out then (I pad2 ?), and repeated flashing of ROMS probably isn't what most pick-up and play tablet users want. But what is stopping google producing a 'larger screen' format, or are they just hoping we all buy a 7" nexus and a chromebook?
  3. MMW 79 - actually NOT sponsored by Xiaomi!

    I would like a MiKey, always wondered how I could stop that pesky dust from interfering with my headphone jack! :P
  4. Sony Xperia Z1 Quick Review

    Have just got one to replace my GS3, Phones 4U did an 8 month early upgrade, so got the Z1 for free, so no extra cost for 4G. Actually managed to have a play with this, the Xperia Z and the Lumia 1020 in the store. Both staff there had just switched their phones from the Note 3 to the Z1, so they showed me how it was running in 'normal' usage which was pretty good. Screen seems better, but I have already been pressing the black strip below the screen for the function buttons... suppose It wont be an issue for too long. It does look like they forgot to put a rubber strip cover over the bottom left port. slightly odd.
  5. MoDaCo Mobile Week 49 - Air on an iString

    Hi all, good podcast once again, good to see/hear them back! I have grown up with nintendo, as many others have, so it is sad to see how far they are behind everyone else. So I pre-ordered and collected my wii on day one, missing a morning of uni lectures and set up the wii in my uni room. Only to find out I had to stand in the corridor outside to play wii tennis... My room was too small.