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  1. oahc7 added a post in a topic Official code request to Unlock the Bootloader [Final Post]   

    Hello, how can I use this Check-Status.bat and Unlock-Bootloader.bat ? I plug my phone I open Unlock-Bootloader.bat it open dos windows 1 seconde and it close him self. I m on official B952 and I have code. I have install driver too.

    sorry for my english is bad
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  2. oahc7 added a post in a topic [ROM][ICS-B952]Slim ROM   

    Hello, I install the V13 but I have a problem. Download date is very slow, do you have this prob?
    I use GB baseband
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  3. oahc7 added a post in a topic [ICS] [REPACK] [4.0.3] B952 U8815 Worldwide release [ROM]   

    hello, this rom is fast and stable, but i have problem when someone call me. the ring volume is very low.
    When i listen a mp3 there no problem the volume is high. Only when someone call me the ring is very low. Of course I have check in call setting the volume is set on max
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  4. oahc7 added a post in a topic MoDaCo Custom ROM Gr2 for the Huawei U8815 / G300 (B888) - New: PartitionSwap   

    hello, my phone allways reboot itself 3-4 time every day, do you have this problem??
    I try CM9 r5, galaxy S3, jelly bean sandwich B3 all rom have this problem.
    When i was stock huawei 2.3 rom I dont have this problem.
    I dont have sd card in the phone.
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  5. oahc7 added a post in a topic [ROM][ICS] BASED ON THE SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 Custom Rom U8818 baseband 2030 ROM LINKS UPDATED   

    hello, i have a problem with this rom. Sometime someone call me the phone show only the number but not the name of contact. Do you have this problem ?
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  6. oahc7 added a post in a topic [ROM][ICS] Miuiv4 2.7.4 for the Huawei Ascend G300[Last updated: 04/07]   

    hello ,
    I want to know if i can flash this rom with CWM??
    I'm now using " the samsung galaxy S3 custom rom u8818 baseband 2030 rom"
    Is it no probleme to flash miui rom ?
    does miui rom support french language ??
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