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  1. I am using this ROM for almost a month now and it is rock stable. No RR no SOD and it's very fast.(doesn't have the smoothness of 10 and 10.1 unfortunately)
  2. I've just installed this ROM coming from CM 10 and 10.1. It doesn't have the smoothness CM 10 and 10.1 has, but it's a lot faster.
  3. 10x I'm using this ROM for 2 weeks now and seems quite ok.
  4. Sooooooo true :) For these exact same things I like this phone and I'm not going on something else.
  5. With the last release I don't have the option to restart the phone in recovery mode.
  6. The sad part is that the phone went into deep sleep(at least that's why it shows me in battery info)
  7. I flashed the rom(wipe cache/dalvik before and after), installed my apps(that I use on JB 4.2.2) and after 10h ...almost no battery.
  8. Hi guys, Any idea why the battery runs out from 100% to 25% in 10h(over night with absolutely no usage) ? I disabled background sync, google now and still...
  9. I did at first but then I went back to default without success. Maybe I should try it one more time without touching the overclocking feature.
  10. I had to take a step back to 4.1.2 because of frequently RR.(almost every hour)
  11. Greate news daemond. For me, cm 10 was the best rom. I tried cm10.1 but I had RR every 2 hours in the last 2 days and I restored my cm10 backup. I look forward for any updates made by you. 10x
  12. I have a gen1 blade(upgraded to gen2) 512 ram. I had a RR 5 mins ago reading this thread.
  13. I'm using the build from 15.01 and I got 4 RR in 2 days. Sometimes when I want to wake up the phone from the power button, the hardware buttons are lighting, but he screen is black. After 10-15 secs it reboots. Anyone experiencing the same problem? If yes, do you know the cause or got any solution? 10x