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  1. hello MODaCO  community!!!!

     i need your hekp. just need to get my huawei y300 bootloader unlock code. i've tried via huawei website but it don't work.

    now i've looked at some topic from here according to the use of DC-UNLOCKER. when i follow the steps the dc-i just return me this ''''

    DC - Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1299

    Detecting modem :

    selection :
    manufacturer - Huawei modems
    model - Auto detect (recommended)

    Found Applications port COM11
    Found Diagnostics port COM10

    Device is in download mode, need restart!'' 

    why can i do. i've tried this several times.

    i sent a mail to:  [email protected]   and i've got no answer.

     please need your help

  2. Hi, I have a Vodafone smart prime 6 which is an Alcatel manufactured phone. It has a 1260x720 5 inch screen. I want to try to change the DPI of the device but I don't know what it currently would be... 240? Does anyone know the standard DPI for a device with this screen? Furthermore, I can't find an entry for the DPI in the build prop file. How can I go about changing the DPI without this line of code? Thanks!
  3. Just been looking again for any updates, and found this on a Polish site. http://translate.google.co.uk/translate?hl=en&sl=pl&u=http://forum.android.com.pl/topic/231158-deodex-huawei-g6-l11-kitkat-rom-v100r001c432b370custc432d005/&prev=search Looks promising, but I haven't got a bootloader unlock code from Huawei yet (sent email but no reply after 4 months...). Also, there is a line at the bottom which Google Translate translates poorly and I can't understand whether it means the camera doesn't work on G535-L11 or not....: "I will only add that I tested at home on Huawei G535-L11 and camera not only works on G6 LTE should all work properly." If I can get an unlock code, I might give it a go, and report back. Anyone out there got their G535-L11 unlocked already and willing to give it a go?
  4. On the Huawei EMUI 3 website they offer the source code for their latest software for my phone. It is in a 'kernel.tar.gz' format. Can this be used in any shape or form to update my phone to this latest software? And if so how? I've read vague bits about extracting it as zip and then applying through fastboot...? My phone is currently stock, unrooted, bootloader locked. (Huawei G535) Many thanks.
  5. Also just found this under the EMUI 3 (Kitkat) section of the Huawei uk website: http://emui.huawei.com/en/plugin.php?id=hwdownload&mod=detail&mid=60 Any ideas if this is usable as an update?
  6. Just discovered that there is an official Kitkat update for the G6-L11, which is apparently the same as the G535-L11 except has an 8MP camera rather than 5MP: http://consumer.huawei.com/kh/support/products/downloads/detail/ascend-g6-4g-kh.htm?id=38361 Does anyone know if this ROM would work on the G535-L11? This phone isn't even listed on the Huawei website, and if I do a search for it it just leads to the G6-L11... Tempted just to try it, but worried about bricking my phone.
  7. Can't believe there's so little interest and support for this device. It's the spiritual successor to the Y300 and the ZTE blade.
  8. As per title really. Was wondering if anyone knew anything about any custom ROMs for this phone. I was hoping to iron out some of the bugs it has and maybe get KitKat. Thanks!
  9. Hi, I upgraded to 7.9 last week from 6.2 and I can't really see any improvements. In fact, I found the performance to be much worse than the previous version. Lots of reloading of apps and the homescreen, Sometimes things freeze up or crash completely. Also, I've found my mobile internet doesn't work with many apps: they only connect through wifi, if I try to load something on GRSM or 3G it just sits there trying to load for ages but never does. It's odd though because if I go to other apps (like Opera mini) the internet will work. I hope v8 solves these issues or else I might go back to 6.2
  10. Can anyone help me please. I've just installed 7.9 and it seems great so far. However, I'm rather confused by the 'Use external SD as primary' option. In previous builds this option seemed to trick the phone into identifying the extSD as the internal SD so that apps etc were installed there. But now I'm installing all my apps again (through Play) and the apps are all being installed to the internal storage even though the 'Use external SD as primary' is selected. Once installed, I can move some apps partially to the extSD as was normal on JB. Is this what should be happening, or is this feature broken? Or am I doing something wrong? Many thanks.
  11. Hi, Thinking of updating to 7.0 . I was wondering if anyone knows whether the issue with the white squares blocking out web images has been fixed yet? Thanks.
  12. Thanks for doing an update, I'm aware that some of the steps I did might have become outdated and there are newer files available. I managed to update to the latest TWRP after much struggles (everything said to use GooManager, which would never work). I've now settled on SlimKat 6.2 (thinking about updating to 6.8 maybe). I find it to be the only ROM I've used on the y300 that gives adequate performance. The only downside I've got is that often images will not display properly in web browsers and other web-based apps, though I can just about live with this given the overall usability and stability of the ROM.
  13. I'm still on 5.9 and was gonna stick with it as it seemed stable. Unfortunately today I've been having apps crashing all over the place and now I've got no network. On top of the browser image problem I think I might move to Expert v4. I'd hoped that slim v6 might have finally been bug free but this doesn't seem to be the case.
  14. Hi, just another update. I did a clean install of 5.9 and it is working beautifully now: really smooth and stable, all the issues have gone away aside one minor one. Haven't had any random reboots and the location / gps seems to be working fine. Only issue now is the random white spaces blocking out some images when using the browser. It only seems to do this on largish images. Very happy with it now. Though ultimately this is still a very weak device and sometimes struggles to have two processes running at once (using the browser in desktop mode sometimes causes everything else including the launcher to close).
  15. Hi, I'd also like a fix for the white spaces blocking out images in the browser. Everything else is smooth and great. Just that bug now for me.