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  1. How to flash to the standard UK ROM

    hey Paul, first of all thank you for your work i used the method on my moto g whenever i go back to the stock GB. i know this is the wrong thread but i recently bought a moto x on o2 and do you think it would be more or less the same process but typing the commands manually for the moto x retail Gb rom. and would it require a lock or unlocked bootloader. thanks in advance
  2. can someone help me, i am unable it go into recovery it just says " no command"
  3. mines just came in, using it with the nexus 7 :)
  4. Huawei Ascend W1 Blue only £129.99 on O2

    Same here gsm and other review sites saidbit has NFC but mine doesn't have and when im trying to get an NFC app its says its a feature my phone doesn't have
  5. I have the huawei ascend w1 and im lovin in
  6. Huawei Ascend W1 Blue only £129.99 on O2

    yes i am planning to unlock but haven't found any yet
  7. Huawei Ascend W1 Blue only £129.99 on O2

    i tried my orange sim and it didnt work. but i have a giff gaff sim and it works. for one i really enjoy the screen its really clear and reading text is really great. no sluggish navigation on the OS really smooth. over all im pleased with me purchased
  8. Huawei Ascend W1 Blue only £129.99 on O2

    Just received mines today i i love it :)
  9. Huawei Ascend W1 Blue only £129.99 on O2

    I chose to order this phone yesterday and hoping its a good buy. I had a android phone and the nexus 7. So im heading to WP8 for a change.
  10. Buying devices direct from China

    has anyone seen the Newman N2 ? quadcore,13mp 1080p
  11. nexus 7 speaker problem

    Yeah didn't change nothing with the equalizer, OK so I contacted Asus and filled out an form and told me I should receive my RMA number with in 48hours
  12. nexus 7 speaker problem

    i have my nexus 7 for a month now and all of a sudden it developed a speaker issue. its sound like its cracking when its over 50% volume. should i return it ? i ordered from currys
  13. did i bricked my device?

    yes i can, do i install the factory rom .zip?
  14. firstly i was rooted on stock rom and had the recovery installed, i wiped data/ factory reset with out backing up and i flash modaco custom rom and it didn't boot up. and now im stuck on the huawei logo. i tried the factory rom but it didn't work it said update failed. can someone help me ? EDIT: i fixed it by booting into recovery and flash the huawei stock rom. P.S i forgot i had the recovery installed