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  1. ZTE Grand X IN

    nothing yet im afraid...
  2. wow...good ol' skate has android 4.2.2 while Grand X In isn't even going to receive 4.1...
  3. ZTE Grand X IN

    me too, maybe its just a mistake...
  4. ZTE Grand X IN

    well, maybe this month, here http://www.cczwei.de/index.php?id=news&newsid=2195 you can read this sentence: Ausgeliefert wird das ZTE Grand X IN mit Android 4.0.3. Das Update auf Android 4.1 Jelly Bean folgt voraussichtlich im März 2013 which says that we should get JB soon
  5. ZTE Grand X IN

    I do, i thought about rooting it, but since it should get JB i have decided to wait for an update :)
  6. What did everyone get for Christmas? ;)

    well I'm a proud owner of ZTE Grand X In :)
  7. soooo I decided to try this ROM is there any special flash process?
  8. looks interesting :) http://www.electronicsweekly.com/blogs/eyes-on-android-updates/2012/09/intel-ports-android-jelly-bean-to-medfield-atoms---mike-bell.html
  9. yep wiped caches, format system...I will redownload and try again tomorrow
  10. updated from 16/06 build, stuck in a bootloop...i noticed that when flashing gapps it says for android 2.3.5 but CM 7.2.0 is 2.3.7?
  11. HTC Sense 3.0 port for skate

    any news?
  12. mine works just fine have you tried ext 2 ?
  13. Guys help please, which wifi tether app you use? So far I couldnt connect with anything on my phone...
  14. like the HTC weather lockscreen or better? :D