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  1. Wow.. I haven't used my Blade a long time.. I just checked what new is working and seems like everything works now.. :) Nice! Thanks! :)
  2. Yes it is possible! I'm not home right now but when I'm at home I can send you .zip file but you have to modify updater-script file to mount system and to make it delete app + set permissions to newer app, e.g. flashin SystemUI.apk with different soft keys it can delete old SystemUI,apk and replace it with new one and the it sets permissions 0644 or what it was "rw- r-- r--" EDIT: or open my code.google page from my signature and download launcher or frameworks .zip file from it and modify the updater-scripts and put your apks to it and flash...
  3. Well Ubuntu package takes something 500Mb, by deleting videos, pictures some preview images from gallery + music player you can make Ubuntu's size to 340Mb Also modifying CM10.1: I recommend JB 4.2.1 and not JB 4.2.2 version! extract initramfs edit init.rc and the ubuntu lines at the end! add ubuntu files from maguro Ubuntu package to /system/bin/ and some ubuntu files from it to /system/lib/, delete app and framework folders Boot, if the partition is too little you may want to try dual boot, booting from SD HC card.. I don't use Blade because I have Nexus, but if you can get Ubuntu Touch preview to boot on Blade it would be too slow to do anything.
  4. First I wanna say Thank You! This ROM on ZTE Blade has so fu####' good battery life! I use myself Galaxy Nexus with JB 4.2.1, stock ROM and its battery drains so fast! But when I changed kernel yesterday I added music to my Blade and playing music from stock music player for 40 minutes and screen off, and only 1% battery drained, on Nexus it would drain more than 8% 90% battery left and Blade has been in idle 11 hours 40 minutes and (including music playing 40 minutes)! That's awesome, I didn't remember that Blade have so freaking good battery life, Now I just have to get original kernel on my Nexus to adjusted again to get better results... And I just noticed that when I keep screen on blade it will drain battery faster! Thanks!
  5. There is one command for ADB.. pm blabla.apk or something like that.. You can also resign them to keep then unfrozen. or use market enabler and in store enable app and then do same again when you boot your device..
  6. Thank You KonstaT! Works nicely but Trebuchet launcher force closes sometimes and not responding really much. process com.android.phone has stopped message pops up every time, I have wiped and cleaned everything still same issue but that doesn't mind because I don't use my blade. USB Mass Storage works really well on Windows 7 and on Linux Ubuntu.. touch responsive is a little bit slow. WiFi works well
  7. 3.0 Kernel would be really good and could speed up android really much but 2.6.3# kernel on ZTE blade with CM10 i good and really fast and blade can't be much more faster.. I saw somewhere 3.0 kernel for LG P500, which would be easier to modify for blade..
  8. [APP] Google Ears (For unsupported countries)

    Hey all! I have posted this to XDA (Galaxy Nexus: Themes & Apps section) and I though I could post it here too. My original post (XDA): http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=2025645 And it works well without freezing itself when booting again phone.. It's version 1.1.3 (from Galaxy Nexus's Jelly Bean 4.2.1) minSdkVersion: '14': Android 4.0 resolution is XHDPI (720X1280, or bigger..?) and should work well on HDPI devices (480X800) but may not work on MDPI devices: (240X324, 320X480, or bigger?..) ______________________________________ This is not for ARMv6 devices... EDIT: When I did this I thought the thing was in the one .xml file but no, so just resigning apk can keep apk without freezing. But this is good to have if you have ICS+ ARMv7 device or other device which doesn't have ARMv6 or lower cpu.
  9. Just quick question: How it is stock ICS Music Player if it's the Gingerbread music player that is also in Android SDK 4.0.# system image..? Does the stock music player (Google Play music player) work on your ZTE Blade's CM9 ROM? Can this get WiFi tethering to work like in PA (JB) ROM, without any external app..? Thanks!
  10. It's for S3c6410 Samsung CPU and not for Blade's CPU! So it won't work, completely different driver files.. I can't even port easily ZTE Blade ROMs to "Jét with s3c6410 CPU"..
  11. [ROM] ZTE Blade Stock ROMs

    Edit: post deleted :D
  12. Thanks! WiFi works well and it's pretty fast! only issue is the tablet and phtablet mode at least on my blade... Maybe I should flash PA ROM to my nexus too but I like more stock ROM on my Nexus.. :P
  13. Once when I flashed ICS to my ZTE Blade then I was able to tether to wifi without any app and now I can't find the ROM anymore.. :/ Is there even ICS ROM for ZTE Blade with working WiFi tethering which does not need any external app??? :D I use my Nexus so I don't remember what did I do to get WiFi work correctly on ZTE Blade.
  14. r2: Legacy Play Store (with all purchased apps visible)

    This is not working on my Galaxy Nexus (Jelly Bean JRO03C). I didn't add it to system/app/ I just installed it and it force closes!
  15. Firefox OS

    Thanks for the link but I'm not developer and I don't have 64-bit PC to buid ROMs.. :/