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  1. Apparently it is something to do with the new google+ sign app....http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/50137/google-settings-app-appears-in-android
  2. Hi Guys, First off..Cyda Welcome back. I've been using Stock+ as my every day rom since it first came out without any real problems or incidents and i've tried all sorts of others but always came back to stock+ so I am glad for the update/refresh. However I have found a niggle on this Rom that i would love to change if possible but if not it's something that I can easily live with :) In the Settings > about phone >operator and country info... is there an easy way to alter this from Vodaphone to O2/telefonica. Thanks for letting me waffle on.
  3. I am also getting No WiFi at all, either with or without optimization,it is probably something i am missing that is simple to solve but i cannot find it. As this is my main device nowadays i really need WiFi to be working so i is back to Stock+ for me. I shall Try this again at the weekend when i've a little more time to try and figure out this WIFI problem.
  4. Help,I'm missing something here,i have installed as per usual instructions and now after a manual reboot the WI-FI is not working and i cannot get it to turn on,what am i missing? Nevermind Sorted it with the help of DarKevil7, thank you.
  5. i know this may sound dumb,but have you tried following this thread i had problems originally when i tried to update but I followed this thread to the letter and it worked for me.
  6. Same here,two random reboots today for no apparent reason,thought it may have something to do with being out in the cold,but seems a bit like "clutching at straws" With me looking for any excuse,other than that loving this ROM.
  7. Tillaz just an update for you,I installed the B1 infusion this evening when i came home and everything is as I liked it previously,Storage set to sd card and internal storage set as seperate,installed HW allbackup again from the first page via CWM and BOOM everything is back to normal in no time at all,Excellent work and it is very much appreciated. :) :)
  8. Hi Tillaz, The problem i am having is that my storage is set to internal as you say but my backups are not installing as the phone is now saying insufficient storage available,my sd card has plenty of space,my original storage 2.5gig is showing as empty and nothing i have tried so far has allowed me to install my app backups. All-backup will not install at all.none of my apk backups will install :(
  9. Same here :( now i cannot install my app backup saying insufficient space,everything was working ok on B07,so i cannot for the life of me figure out the change,Sorry. I too am thinking i shall go back to B07 for the time being,shame as this update does feel faster.
  10. Excellent work Tillaz, its smooth as silk & a lot faster than the stock ICS, No problems here other than of my own making. :blush:
  11. Absolutely superb, worked like a charm, thank you. Easy thing to do when you get shown how,uploaded all the music files that i wanted to upload overnight,happy as a pig in....
  12. its in the developer options settings under User Interface uncheck Strict mode enabled and the red flashing box goes away.
  13. Congrats to france.deserved winners #rwc2011.

  14. #Ian Anderson rockin again.
  15. Rysn giggs.what a finish.#mufc