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  1. wheelon added a post in a topic Advent vega, erased settings   

    Have you installed usb drivers to your pc ? if not search for Audi , download to a folder on your pc then unzip, when connecting usb cable your pc should ask for driver ,search for folder you unzipped Audi in then load driver from there.
    Your computer should find the driver and you should be able to connect your vega to your pc ,you can then restore to original software or use any ROM on this site.
    good luck. wheelon
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  2. wheelon added a topic in Advent Vega - Vega.MoDaCo.com   

    Advent Vega (vegacream) in EMERGENCY MODE only

    Hi, folks yes a child has created my problem,, when powering on my Advent Vega it comes on in the EMERGENCY CALL screen I have never come across this before , I have tried quite a few times to get in to
    recovery mode but no good, tried backbutton and power button method still comes on to EMERGENCE CALL
    screen. I have tried connecting to computer via USB cable PC states no drivers, as I can not get into settings on the Vega I can not put vega into USB DEBUGING .So as of now I am at a loss,,,HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED.
    Regards wheelon.
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