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  1. Hi all, Does anyone have a way to root the Intel based Acer A1-840FHD tablet? There is some chatter about it on XDA but they didn't lead to anything. Regards,
  2. HTC One: De-sensing

    Hi all, I installed the stock Email client and connector apks as PaulOBrien mentioned, and it worked well. The only problem is that it doesn't seem to integrate well with the rest of the system. For example, the stock Email client doesn't show up in the list of apps that can be used for sharing. See attached screenshot. Is there a way to fix that? Thanks very much in advance!
  3. Hi BlueMoonRising, i tried to downgrade now. the following always happens....any clues? ---------------------------------- Please make your decision:32 * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * 3775 KB/s (800388 bytes in 0.207s) push: C:\SanDiego\tools\downgrade/recovery.img -> data/local/tmp/recovery.img push: C:\SanDiego\tools\downgrade/boot.img -> data/local/tmp/boot.img 2 files pushed. 0 files skipped. 3763 KB/s (16936960 bytes in 4.394s) open failed: Permission denied Can't read OSIP! recovery is an invalid entry name open failed: Permission denied Can't read OSIP! fastboot is an invalid entry name < waiting for device >
  4. Hi all, i had my OSD rooted, and then updated with the latest OTA update that came out a few days back. This made me loose root access of course. so i tried using the latest version of the AIO tool updated 15 Jan 2013 to re-root, but after i hit "restore" on the phone's screen, the phone reboots, and asks me to overwrite /system/xbin/su, but i cannot type anything! Has anyone experienced the same thing? did i do anything wrong? is there a way to root with the latest update? Here is all what i see: New Rooting Your Phone Press any key to continue . . . Pushing busybox.... 3754 KB/s (1085140 bytes in 0.282s) Pushing su binary .... 2969 KB/s (23755 bytes in 0.007s) Pushing Superuser app 3756 KB/s (1468798 bytes in 0.381s) Making busybox runable ... Now unlock your device and confirm the restore operation. Please look at your device and click RESTORE! If all is successful i will tell you, if not this shell will run forever. Running ... Successful, going to reboot your device! Waiting for device to show up again.... mount: Operation not permitted mv: overwrite '/system/xbin/su'?
  5. Hi guys, is there any way to get WiDi (Wireless Display) working on Xolo like on SanDiego? you see that option in SanDiego settings right under sound and display. I'd love to get this feature on my Xolo. Please help
  6. Tried rebooting my phone and windows, and made sure that the update.zip file is intact, and with usb debugging enabled, and adb insecure checkboxes checked... :( I was able to get a hold of the Orange France update.zip file, and used the same tool to flash my phone back to its original state. To me, the fact that i was able to do this, is an indication that there was some differences between the Orange UK and Orange France phones. This to me is also why rooting the french phone directly with the tool doesnt work either...Maybe because my french phone says its AZ210B, while I understand that the UK one one says AZ210A? maybe thats what the fingerprint related error in my android recovery screen is about? What do you think? thanks for debugging with me!
  7. Thanks Ricky, unfortunatly, i already flashed mine with the XOLO image, in an attempt to follow this post: http://www.modaco.com/topic/358416-how-to-go-back-to-orange-ics-from-xolo-ics/page__st__40 Now i dont know what to do :) am i stuck with Xolo now?
  8. thanks BlueMoonRising, i double checked. i have both check boxes checked in adb insecure :( any help guys?
  9. Ok the best i could do is flash my Orange France phone to Xolo ICS and root it...after that i tried to follow the instructions mentioned here: http://www.modaco.co...-from-xolo-ics/ but i failed. After doing "adb push system system", and restarting my phone into fastboot mode, i get this https://dl.dropbox.com/u/11326368/Photo%20Nov%2001%2C%207%2058%2052%20PM.jpg again, i'm assuming this is because the orange update.zip here is the UK one, and doesnt match the french phone i have..can anyone comment on this? if thats the case, anyway to get a hold of a french ICS update.zip? Rami
  10. I tried everything possible to root my Orange france phone. i unplugged the phone, restarted my computer, tried to flash the orange logo first (didnt work), killed adb in task manager, i even reset my phone to factory settings just in case, and when i tried to flash the update.zip file, it failed (because i guess the orange update.zip package here was made for Orange UK phones. The phone would just not restart twice after hitting root. Any suggestions, help everyone?
  11. Ricky, Does your tool work only for the Orange UK phone? it didnt work for my Orange France phone :( Here is the log. hope you can help. it rebooted only once. i suspect this is because of the error "mount: Operation not permitted", any clues? Device type: 1) Normal Make a choice: 1 Checking if i should run in Normal Mode or special Sony Mode Please connect your device with USB-Debugging enabled now * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 * * daemon started successfully * remote object '/system/app/Backup-Restore.apk' does not exist 234 KB/s (2398 bytes in 0.010s) The system cannot find the path specified. Normal Mode enabled! Pushing busybox.... 3730 KB/s (1085140 bytes in 0.284s) Pushing su binary .... 3771 KB/s (973198 bytes in 0.252s) Pushing Superuser app 3431 KB/s (1468798 bytes in 0.418s) Making busybox runable ... Please look at your device and click RESTORE! If all is successful i will tell you, if not this shell will run forever. Running ... Successful, going to reboot your device! Waiting for device to show up again.... Going to copy files to it's place mount: Operation not permitted You can close all open command-prompts now! After reboot all is done! Have fun! Bin4ry Press any key to continue . . . thanks!