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    How's Netflix for Android working out for you right now?

    I've been considering getting Netflix but decided to wait until they get more content. I did have lovefilm but cancelled that as I don't think the service was worth the money especially since there is no streaming app on android. Netflix has this app but not the content so both services have their major issues so have no interest in them right now. This app not working issue has just added to the reasons why I don't have Netflix.
  2. FC360

    A week without Twitter and with Google+

    Won't you still get Twitter updates on Google+ and some other sites? I get Twitter updates every time I go on google +
  3. FC360

    Android 4.1 Jelly Bean for Galaxy S III shown on video

    That made me chuckle, cheaper and almost as fast lol. My mum will be getting a S3 sometime in the next week so I shall tell her this even though she doesn't have a clue what I'll be talking about lol
  4. FC360

    'My Xbox Live' comes to Android

    Says it requires WGVA screen resolution or higher but doesn't work on Smasung Galaxy 10.1? I thought the 10.1 had a higher res then WGVA
  5. Not bad, I wonder if this streams from a NAS and if it would be used as a media player plugged into a TV. It's cheaper then most other media players so I wonder if it's possible to use 1 of these instead of buying a new TV that has smart TV features as I assume this would have smart TV features such as app downloads etc.
  6. I would recommend the Samsung ace plus to my mum who is getting really frustrated with her n8 so might pop out and get one this weekend. I would recommend it to my dad as well but he just recently got a xperia play. I have a LG p920 and had a LG before that and don't really like them so not bothered about the LG optimus two
  7. FC360

    Ice Cream Sandwich Coming to LG 2x After all?

    i f they do update to ics they will probably take a long time to release it on some of their phones, I have a LG p920 and I'm still waiting for the 2.3 update which has apparently being rolled out soon if not already in some countries. It's a little worrying that they don't seem to communicate with the staff working for them which to me looks bad
  8. FC360

    Win a Xperia Ray with MoDaCo and Sony Ericsson

    Amazingly kinda prize and competition you guys are doing here it's so nice to see ppl give away cool prizes like this
  9. FC360

    Archos G9 - September ~ £200

    Yes is does include VAT and the £199.99 version is the 8GB 1GHz version as the 1.5GHz don't come out until 2012 and the 16GB comes out on 1st Oct, also the 8GB version is now available for order on Archos's website :) The 10.1 version starts from £269.99 for 1GHz and £299.99 for the 1.5GHz
  10. FC360

    Archos G9 - September ~ £200

    I have the price list infront of me, Archos were nice enough to send me the price list, the Prices range from £199.99-£329.99. The cheapest is for a 80 G9 8GB - 1GHz with the most expensive being a 101 G9 250gb - 1.5ghz and according to them their being released in October.
  11. According to best buy UK they won't price match with ebuyer, here is the email I got from them today Thank you for your email. Best Buy's price promise covers any item that is in stock in any UK store or their website. However, Best Buy do not price match against companies that are only based online, with the exception of Dixons and Amazon, the latter providing the item is sold and dispatched from Amazon directly. Based on the above, Best Buy would not price match against ebuyer.com as they are an online based company. Kind Regards Andrew Conway Best Buy Customer Services I was going to pop down to closest best buy store and pick 1 up if they would match ebuyer's price but not sure right now. I've had a play with a Advent Vega and liked it so I was wondering is the Hannspad anything like the Vega?
  12. FC360

    Advent Vega V2

    Tegra 3? I find that kinda hard to believe as it's only just been released and usually takes a few months for a hardware manufacturer to build and test devices that run on new tech. I would expect tegra 3 devices to start being shipped in early 2012. I would have thought it would use a 1.2ghz tegra 2 with better screen, maybe some more ram and some more features and updated operating system. I'm considering buying a Vega but I'm not sure if I should wait or just buy the Vega, another option would be to wait till the Vega 2 comes out and then buy a Vega as the price would drop.