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  1. In some news app and google earth there is a problem with pictures.In google earth you can not see all panoramic picture,jast a small part you can see.Same problem is persist in some news apkications.
  2. On the last build i notice on google earth there is a problem with viwe panoramic photos.
  3. @Rhen:Which launcher do you us?Trebushet is so laggy.Is nova launcher the best solution for this rom?
  4. Go to ginger baseband with downgrade.zip from recavery..This rom works and on ginger baseband.
  5. Camera working on last build.I just flash a fresh install and all widget load very fast when you reboot.
  6. Find camera ics+1.3.1c on google and install it on cm10.1.It works like sharm.
  7. pejicgoran

    [ROM][JB] CM10 by Joestone

    I download on comp and i download on phone and recavery says zip is bad.
  8. pejicgoran

    [ROM][JB] CM10 by Joestone

    I download latest joestone cm10 and something wrong with a zip.I can not flash zip.Dose anyone have a mirror link with last joestone cm10?
  9. @Mig3l:Go to cm10.1 from 29.11.13 not to cm9.Cm9 is worst cm rom ever made for g300 with bad ram optimations.
  10. On rom whichs works well install apn backup from market and made backup apn.Then on any rom do restore backup and it will work.
  11. Try recavery hybrid recavery is problem.
  12. Go to apn settings and see whats is problem.
  13. Maps 7.7.0 works well and camera ics+1.3.1c on build 29.11.13 and i am using it like my daily rom.This is most complet cm rom for g300.
  14. I try new update 01.05.2014 and still same problem with videoplayback and youtube hg.