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    Don't buy this expecting cheap unlock

    In Ireland these phones seem to lock on to the network that you put the first sim card is into them. I've never seen this before, bought the phone in a meteor store which wasn't my network, they guy asked me do I wont a sim card as it is locked to meteor I declined, thought I was going to have get unlocked anyway but when I got home tried my sim and it worked. Thought I was lucky and got a sim free phone so tried a sim from meteor and guess what it asked for a sim unlock code.
  2. Use the app called tweakker from the play store to reset your 3g settings.
  3. Running this rom for a day now, no problems so far everything works. I was looking for a good cm7 for a long time and finally it's here. Thanks Garnt this will be my daily for a long time.
  4. Does anybody else get annoyed, when they see a new topic in the development thread when they see a new topic and it is a thread like this? I do be thinking that new thread is the cm7 that daz has mentioned a while back that he might be releasing if he has time. Edit no offence to you cartierv...
  5. Also 1ghz here, on atomicmod baseband 2030.
  6. The GPS works on atomicmod with both semental and ouch kernels, I liked cm7 would have kept it if GPS was working
  7. GPS is working, I'm on atomicmod
  8. Thanks Kra1o5 downloading now
  9. Can I flash this over semental kernel?
  10. I flashed it through cwm, it's running smooth for me. Thanks cyda for the great rom,
  11. Thanks for the info Paul, I didn't know that. Just trying to help I've no other account to upload :)
  12. Now uploaded to solidfiles, thanks to paul
  13. I upgraded from b888, all you do is download what ever ics you want b927, b927 ,b936 etc, put it on in a folder called dload on the root of you sd card, then go to settings-storage-software upgrade Do a back up of your imei first just in case
  14. Got mine in meteor and it is locked, not sure about emobile