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  1. The partitions are indeed primary and i checked startup.txt, its the same as before. I even replaced it again just to be sure. My installation is on SD card. Unfortunately, it still won't work. I will try to use another sdcard just to be sure, but do you have any other suggestions ? Thanks for your time, work and effort by the way :)
  2. I tried this version and even though after 2 restarts it was working ok, on the third restart, it got stuck on the boot screen with the chinese letters. Any suggestions ? I followed the instructions exactly to the letter. I've had this problem with previous versions of this rom btw.
  3. I installed 2 times to check if it was corrupted files and i had the same problems. I will try to install again soon and i will post you a minitool snap of the sd card. Thanks for your time and replies. Does haret startup and zimg need to be on phone storage or sd card storage though ? I as per the instructions put then on internal storage (phone).
  4. I didn't see other chinese letters. Just the regular logo of the start up. I can't give you a picture now because i formated the sd after not being able to work things out. But i can tell you that i checked for the size of each partition and they were the same exact number to the megabyte, that you said on your guide it needs to be. Also there is no way i modified the startuptxt. I checked on that too and it was correct. (Checked on original file and the are the same.)
  5. Hello argentinos and thanks for the rom but i am having some issues. (Problem 1) I followed all of your steps and managed to install and boot succesfully. But, once i restarted, the phone was stuck on the Chinese letters with the red eye boot image and it cannot go further. I tried leaving it for 10mins there but it stays the same. Do you have any suggestions? I reinstalled and the issue seemed to befixed, but for any instalation that i try, i get notification saying (Damaged SD Card - SD Card Damaged. You may have to reformat it.) I tried to format the sd card but it doesnt do anything. It keeps saying that my sd card is damaged. Do you have any suggestions ? I run some tests on my sd card and couldn't find anything wrong with it. Oh and its a class 10 card. I also tried mounting the card and it still wont work. ** Last edit: I am having (Problem 1) again.
  6. I don't wanna nag you guys but, do you have any news regarding a new beta ?
  7. I can do it, i just wasn't sure if it was the correct way to do it. Thanks. :D
  8. Would you please provide that backup , as i don't have that either.(Don't know if its safe to extract from cmb2 rom :unsure:)
  9. i can't install google play as well. Anyone have the apk ?
  10. It is really simple to do with ubuntu though.. Just saying
  11. I think they can also be replaced by a file manager with root access via simple copy and paste.
  12. Well i just discovered a that most of my applications including(all browsers,opera,market, etc) get force closed when i try to open them. (Restarts cant fix it, so i guess its something permanent.) Can clearing the dalvik cache have that effect on the phone ? Cause i didn't do anything else to ruin it. :unsure: I ll provide logs when i can. ** Well i re-cleaned dalvik and everything seems to be normal again. Oh beta, how i love you :P
  13. You are tweaked :P As for me, no one is smoother than launcher pro ;)
  14. Ok i am a little worried now. I know clearing the cache is supposed to take at least 5 minutes or even 15 i 've heard. But the bootlogo has stopped moving for a good 10 minutes now and its still there... I am gonna leave it there for like half an hour and see what happens.. I hope i don't have to re-flash :unsure: ** Reporting back with good news. I pulled the battery after all that time and it booted up normally with an amazing boot time of 1 minute and 20 seconds(since i touched haret.exe :lol:) Also the phone is so much faster, its crazy. Thanks a lot for making me clean dalvik :D
  15. They need the stats from downloads, so no one provides mirrors. Please be patient. Also, @ipaq3870 How do we clear dalvik cache ? Never mind. For anyone who doesn't know how to do it as well, here it is. $su #cd data/dalvik-cache #rm * #exit $exit reboot