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  1. very good job, KonstaT, very smooth and fast rom, BUT: 1. The S2E script is no longer working on the latest build(as noticed many users) 2. I have noticed a very hard drain of the battery during the night.. For exemple, when I go to sleep the battery is about 90%, in the morning is something near 70%..did full wipe + wiped battery stats and charged properly but unfortunately the problem did not disappear. On previous builds from january it worked ok for me, but with the latest 3 I have problems regarding the battery. Also, I have checked everytime if there were any apps active in background but did not find anything.. 3.The status bar usually doesn't open properly, I have to lock the screen then try again. Regards.
  2. hey guys, is it necessary to wipe all the stuff in order to update from cm-10.1-20130220 to cm-10.1-20130210? thanks in advance for your answer
  3. I've tried, but no success :)...still searching how to remove it Edit: found!..it's in the settings section, Launcher, Homescreen - Search bar
  4. thank you developer for a very nice and smooth build! everything runs just fine, i like very much the new look of my blade's menu!:) ...just one question - how it is possible to remove Google search bar from the screen?
  5. thank you very much:) ... when will the developer release a new build? I've read that it will happen on "friday",but which one?in case it will be today, i will wait for it and not install this version from 31/05
  6. hey guys, I am thinking of switching from CM7 to this one..is it ok? how does it perform(battery,speed)?