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  1. ZTE published kernels:
  2. Error was for the previous boot.img. Now it does not exist. Link2SD there was no reason, Ext partition was also formatted. The problem is no more. I modified ROM. Your boot.img http://www.4shared.c...945_CM7_CZ.html (multilanguage)
  3. I use CM 7.2 ROM By Curious Mind. I edited it differently and now I have a problem: "The process has stopped unexpectedly" Not helped by a complete wipe and reinstall. - Perform a complete wipe of Clockwork and SD format. - I will even format the boot, system, data cache - Install the original ROM By Curious Mind. - Reboot ROM and load the wake of the reports mentioned error. Do you have advice what to do? EDIT: It makes a mistake only in CM 7.2 With Android 2.1, 2.2, or CM 9 is not a problem. EDIT2: The error is in the new file boot.img This happens when the whole ROM installed after the wipe and then not run APPS.
  4. Sry, i 2G/3G network already running, it was a mistake in my settings (blocked connection). Hardly versed in the English setting. :blink:
  5. I could not run 2G/3G Network (APN). Set the same as Android 2.1, but not functional. Telefonica O2 CZ Name: O2 Internet APN: internet Proxy: Not set Port: Not set Username: Not set Password: Not set Server: Not set MMSC: Not set Proxy MMS: Not set Port MMS: Not set MCC: 230 MNC: 02 Typ ověření: PAP or CHAP Type APN: default APN protocol: IPV4V6 (tested all - IPV4 or IPV6) (CyanogenMod7 by Curious Mind)
  6. CyanogenMod 7 For GAPPS need to install: google account and sync available
  7. ROM "Android 2.3.7 - CM 7" for "Huawei U8120" include Czech language. You can use the copy? Wify even after reinstalling angry. After editing the router is running the browser (router wifi setting MCS=Auto, previously 10). Google account can not connect (Unable to open connection to server). Server
  8. Good, thank you. "Vodafone 945 2.3.7 Cyanogenmod 7.2.0 By wosisa Rom By Curious Mind" complet install (3 links) Wifi connected (signal ok = WPA2-PSK-CCMP = 60%). Browser no transfer data, does not work. Google accounts no connected. = Wifi phone error
  9. Excellent progress, very thanks. :) Rom 2.2 was not going to run. Phone stiff. Rom 2.3 installed. I do not understand good English, Chinese characters somewhere. The difficulty of such a setting. Please insert Czech language.
  10. Probably will need to find a phone with the same CPU, screen resolution and a similar camera (even 3MP + Flash, no dual). Use only the camera software.
  11. Vodafone 945 CPU, GPU + display consistent with ZTE-C N700. ZTE-C N700: software Android 2.2:
  12. Is there anything interesting in these data sets with ZTE? 201112 in the link = year + month (you can change)
  13. Test applications for 2.2 for example:

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