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    I need a new charger

    Hi A Warner, Thank you for replying to me. Where do you think I would get one of these chargers from please? Does anyone have a link to the correct output stuff please? Sorry, I really don't have a clue lol
  2. Hi everyone , I need a new charger for my tablet. It's a VIEWTAB R116 windows tablet. I bought it from China through Amazon in 2011 and it's been great till last week when the charger broke. I'm worried cos I'm not techie and have been told that I could blow my tablet up by buying the wrong charger. I took a photo of the broken charger and I will try to put it on here. Thank you
  3. Jnay

    Windows7 R116 Tablet, anyone else got one

    Hi, I love this tablet and have no issues with it at all - till tonight lol I put it on charge and went into the kitchen, when I returned with coffee the charger was on fire!!!! I couldn't believe it, I was really freaked out!! Where can I get a new charger, I have had a look round but can't find one for this tablet. Thank you, Jnay xxx :):):)
  4. Jnay

    Windows7 R116 Tablet, anyone else got one

    Hi I got my tablet yesterday Can anyone tell me if there is anywhere I can buy a cover/sleeve for it please? I did buy one with a little keyboard on it that connects via a usb but even though it says for a 10.2 tablet it was way too small. Also can I get a stylus or a pen or is it totally touch screen Many thanks xxx :)
  5. Jnay

    Windows7 R116 Tablet, anyone else got one

    Hi I am getting this tablet on Friday or Saturday. I am not very technical and cannot understand a lot of the jargon typed in this thread so I was wondering if this tablet can be used upon arrival ? Or do I have to do a lot of messing around with it? Thank you very much for reading xxx :)