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  1. i get no service on any simcard i use. i only want my bootloader to be unlocked afterwards when i reboot no service.help.i used qsd8250.
  2. after opening appz afterwards fade to black...then restarts
  3. anyone experiencing this? how do i stop this rebooting issues?any advice would be appreciated..
  4. Hi TRIP...i had a problem ROM frequently restarting when opening appz like browser..can u help me.wifi also disconnects..
  5. help after using tripnmiui "iris"

    thanks everyone...got no choice but to take it to technician.my x10i turn to x10a...back to square one again.thanks m8..
  6. help after using tripnmiui "iris"

    i think my phone is charging green light yes...all i need is the default rom for x10i .435 bb54 so that i could flash it. i don't know what ftf should i use.can someone share a link.thanks.
  7. help after using tripnmiui "iris"

    i put the battery in the freezer hope it works!
  8. help after using tripnmiui "iris"

    nope actually i bought this in taiwan..
  9. help after using tripnmiui "iris"

    thanks guys for your replies....but im very curius about this red blinking i think my battery is dead or i accidentally brick the mobo. im losing hope guys...
  10. help after using tripnmiui "iris"

    hope my phones not dead....
  11. help after using tripnmiui "iris"

    flashtool can't detect my phone...help...
  12. help after using tripnmiui "iris"

    thanks i appreciate it..
  13. help after using tripnmiui "iris"

    can't even reset my phone..is it brick?
  14. my phone got stuck on se logo and i can't reset it....anyone please help... heres the link... i downloaded 1.5.2 than i restarted and get stuck on se logo my phone: X10i, .bb54, ver: 2.2.1