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    Best ROM?

    we'd better make a comparison topic about the different rom. I'm agree with Kyan, there is no ONE best rom, but several rom with several options/mods/tweaks... i'll try to explain: -Make a new thread (or add element to this one --> http://www.modaco.com/topic/359033-compilationlist-romskernelsrecoverysmodstutorialsoriginal-firmware-updated-090313/ ) -Give for every rom 3 positive/negative point -give a antutu average score. -maybe give a average autonomie (battery) with this few data, user can "oriented" her choice in fonction of what it search...
  2. Google say me... http://www.all-things-android.com/content/understanding-android-file-hierarchy http://www.thegeekstuff.com/2010/09/linux-file-system-structure/
  3. Hello, Sorry, i've no solution for you... but just one question: why?? 0_o what is the interest?
  4. Scylla.bx

    *GalaxyS4 Ringtones*

    thank you for sharing ;-)
  5. Scylla.bx

    Thread to introduce new apps

    yes, and i've wait more than 5 minutes...
  6. Scylla.bx

    Thread to introduce new apps

    i've installed it. game freeze at the unity logo. tested with stock+ R6
  7. Scylla.bx

    Thread to introduce new apps

    -Another similar app: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fb.glovebox&hl=fr Really good app, customisable and smooth.
  8. but... i've installed your rom, full wipe, and i have a "gesture input" in the keyboard options...what is that?
  9. @ all: thanks for all your explain about flashlight toglle. And for the keyboard problem? (Swype option)
  10. @kyan31: Thanks for this AWESOME rom! Very stable and smooth for me (ics baseband, full wipe and install v5.5) I've a idea for your next update: add a switch in the toggler for on/off flash led. I know there's a widget but i prefer the "toggler-way" ;-) EDIT: it's just me or the swype option in keyboard don't work? :-(
  11. Scylla.bx

    G300 modem!!!

    I think yes, but i'm on linux so i can't test :-/ sorry Maybe someone on windows can test for you
  12. Scylla.bx

    G300 modem!!!

    Hello, adobe flashplayer is supported on GB & ICS. You can get any versions you want here: http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/archived-flash-player-versions.html#Flash%20Player%20archives (Official link). Just download the version according to your android version and install it. Work with native browser. what do you mean? you're talking about the wifi & usb tethering?
  13. Hey guys, Thanks for the job tillaz! Really good rom ;-) i've got a little question: how to disable vibrate when the delivery toast appears? I want keep the toast but not the vibrate