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  1. Best ROM?

    we'd better make a comparison topic about the different rom. I'm agree with Kyan, there is no ONE best rom, but several rom with several options/mods/tweaks... i'll try to explain: -Make a new thread (or add element to this one --> ) -Give for every rom 3 positive/negative point -give a antutu average score. -maybe give a average autonomie (battery) with this few data, user can "oriented" her choice in fonction of what it search...
  2. Google say me...
  3. Hello, Sorry, i've no solution for you... but just one question: why?? 0_o what is the interest?
  4. *GalaxyS4 Ringtones*

    thank you for sharing ;-)
  5. Thread to introduce new apps

    yes, and i've wait more than 5 minutes...
  6. Thread to introduce new apps

    i've installed it. game freeze at the unity logo. tested with stock+ R6
  7. Thread to introduce new apps

    -Another similar app: Really good app, customisable and smooth.
  8. but... i've installed your rom, full wipe, and i have a "gesture input" in the keyboard options...what is that?
  9. @ all: thanks for all your explain about flashlight toglle. And for the keyboard problem? (Swype option)
  10. @kyan31: Thanks for this AWESOME rom! Very stable and smooth for me (ics baseband, full wipe and install v5.5) I've a idea for your next update: add a switch in the toggler for on/off flash led. I know there's a widget but i prefer the "toggler-way" ;-) EDIT: it's just me or the swype option in keyboard don't work? :-(
  11. G300 modem!!!

    I think yes, but i'm on linux so i can't test :-/ sorry Maybe someone on windows can test for you
  12. G300 modem!!!

    Hello, adobe flashplayer is supported on GB & ICS. You can get any versions you want here: (Official link). Just download the version according to your android version and install it. Work with native browser. what do you mean? you're talking about the wifi & usb tethering?
  13. Hey guys, Thanks for the job tillaz! Really good rom ;-) i've got a little question: how to disable vibrate when the delivery toast appears? I want keep the toast but not the vibrate

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