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  1. GTA3

    is it for free? i read that its 10th anniversary.. :)
  2. yesterday ive installed Link2sd (finally with all the stuff) and now if i need to wipe .. how to backup all my apps ? will it work with link2sd in V.4
  3. read it again, he means that its working correctly (no reboots when istalling apps - thats good)
  4. Fix permision is option in Clock Work Mod but i think its not nessesary. There is already "noob" guide But if you have any troubles just PM me.. i will try to explain as simple as i can, but now i gotta go to gym :)
  5. I am using 8gb SD - and not working
  6. I think the best application for taking photo is Camera360, what you think ?
  7. Not in mine V3.C :/ no such app as hardware test
  8. BTW guys, anyone could post me a link for proximity sensor flash ? ? (i am getting stuck on black screen) and i am praying for other side to hang up ... and its not good ;) i used search but without any help
  9. Looking forward to it :) BTW i updated from 1.8B to V3C and what can i say... TOTALLY AWSOME! :)
  10. Ive downloaded V3C and am in...
  11. So i did TPT 165/35 and still nothing, so now i have phone with no working system :/ fck...
  12. Small question guys, if i do the TPT thing 165/35 then i will have just one try with (there will be no "restore" option in CWM?) coz thats the only way whats keeping me up on trying... thx for quick answer