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  1. On my own on the bus.

  2. USB Host Mode. Jelly Bean.

    Ok, so I managed to get the Vega to recognize my USB drive without anything on it... but then when I add files to the drive and put it back in it recognizes the drive but wont let me mount the drive to my Vega. Any help?
  3. Couldn't have a smaller poppy on a shirt. Everyone else's is the same size apart from united.

  4. USB Host Mode. Jelly Bean.

  5. USB Host Mode. Jelly Bean.

    Hi Guys I updated my Vega to the Jelly Bean rom. When I tried to use shuttle tools to put my vega into host mode so I could watch a video of my Pen Drive, It didnt show up on the OI File Manager. Anything I am doing wrong. Please Help Cheers
  6. 3D Compatability

    Quick Update. Got the 3D SBS (Side By Side) video to play on my Toshiba TV via the Advent Vega. Only problem is some sound plays and some sound was lagging. Could be to do with the MX Player will Try the Dice Player to see if it has the same affect. Any Help! Cheers richardmlea for your help. I should have tried it first.
  7. 3D Compatability

    Hi Just wondering If I could play 3D videos through the Vega on my TV via HDMI? Cheers
  8. [ROM 2.3.6] t&l Metal

    How do I put the stock rom theme on the this rom? Cheers