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  1. I have no idea... just an idea!
  2. Hey guys, I was surfing and i noticed this: http://www.ebay.com....tm/140938309094 Maybe we should put our monies together and buy it for Lens? EDIT: Just asked him he ships internationally!
  3. Thank you so much! What's the change log like?
  4. There is no news. I've brought a galaxy nexus, and got a full time job. Nobody but lens was driven enough to continue, if you want my advice... Buy a new phone.
  5. I am interested, would you be able to private message me with details?
  6. Look i'm up for this project, but unfortunately my computer takes way to long to compile. I am looking to upgrade my computer but not until I get a job, so there are a lot of constraints and will keep you posted if anything changes.
  7. I finally got AMD x4, with some ram, so i'll have a look at this port on the weekend. Cause it took way to long to compile on the Core 2 Duo that i had. But i make no promises.
  8. Lens, sorry to hear this. Looks like this will never happen i'm going to look for a new phone. Very sad day for all the acer owners.
  9. Not if Lens uses all his time to answer these questions....
  10. It's awesome thanks!
  11. Was about to sell phone before I installed this mod!
  12. Lens don't take it the wrong way, but i get so excited when you post anything in this thread hoping that you are updating the first post. Man i'm a bit of a programmer myself, C++, Java, Groovy basically all OOL if you need a hand be wiling to help you out to get this closer to complete.
  13. No disrespect and thank you very much for your effort Lens_flare! But is there anything in this thread that you could use http://android.modaco.com/topic/352180-cm9-cyanogenmod-9-for-liquida1liquide/page__pid__1911633#entry1911633 ? Thanks
  14. Thank you so much for you over clocking kernel. But honestly I reverted back to 1.1a since 1.2 isn't supported by my link2sd, and 1.2a stuffs up my gpu and I can't play any games on it. But thank you very much!
  15. Yeah i also get this problem, Can't even play modern combat 3 since the GPU hack.

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