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  1. Hello. Thanks a lot for this, its a great Job. I'm trying to install everything in Internal Storage (My Storage) and not use winmo any more I Have an 8GB Omnia II. I've the partition in the device and the look like this Partition 1 Primary 6400 MB = FAT32 (I this this is mmcblk1p1 or mmcblk1p5) Partition 2 Primary 1250 MB = EXT3 (I this this is mmcblk1p2 or mmcblk1p6) Partition 3 Primary 180 MB = SWAP (I this this is mmcblk1p3 or mmcblk1p7) Windows can see "MyStorage" with no problem. I changed startup.txt From this Set CMDLINE "rootdelay=2 root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 init=/init" to this Set CMDLINE "rootdelay=2 root=/dev/mmcblk1p2 init=/init" Also tried with diferente combination of mmcblkXpY (x = 0, 1; Y = 1,2,3,4,5,6) In all casses the system boot, 5 or 6 micro lines of text and thens goes to the red eye and stays there foreverand the device seem to be locked (answer to no key) am I doing something wrong? Thanks
  2. Hi,l i've used ported version of Android in other WinMo devices (maily old HTCs ) Now I have an OMNIA 2 in my hands and afer ROM flashing I'm testing Android , this version works fine, specially Nice the CM port, but i have a little problem with Wifi, I cannot get it working with WEP enabled APs. Without WEP wifi wokrs perfect, but after I enable (in the AP) it it always goes conected, disconected, conected, diconected I've tried with Froyo Beta 3 and CM beta 1 with same results in all cases, even after all updates and fixes I'm no having any other issue with Wifi jus with WEP I'm missing somethig? Is there any special configuration should use? i've also tried this but stil not working Thanks in advance