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  1. [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    The 1 on the dailpad looks smaller then the rest, didnt notice any other bugs yet :)
  2. [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    Yea i know you did but i allways replace latinIME.apk with ICS donate (wich i bought offcourse :P) Because it has Azerty, because its a shame gingerbread doesnt have this option. EDIT: Also i redid all the wipes and flashed a clean download of the new atomic version, without any moddifications. Because when i took my phone out of my pocket to see the hour it was trying to reboot and it was stuck on splash screen, i dont know why it would autoreboot...
  3. [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    Hi could you please upload stock collor, because red is giving me force closes on ics keyboard. Reinstalling ics keyboard solved it but still it would be nice if i could go back to blue without reflashing atomic. I just wanted to see how the themes looked, they look really nice Great work!
  4. [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    Ok i will do that then, to bad the theme will be gone then... Allso where did USB debugging go i cant find it in the settings menu? And when i connect it to my pc usb debugging is off, also ejecting doesnt work.
  5. [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    I really like the modded go launcher so it doesnt update everyday, one enoying thing tough i cant install my callender widget. (Or any other GO widget) It would be nice to have a theme chooser in one of the next releases so you can switch between collors if that is even possible offcourse :)
  6. Flash this patch it works really well for me :) http://android.modaco.com/topic/352892-mod-a-gps-patch/page__st__20__p__1927596__hl__+gps%20+patch#entry1927596
  7. [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    I really love Go laucher, and it really fits the theme! BTW: The batter drain in france was on beta 1, i only flashed beta 2 yesterday so it was in both version. Id love to test more beta's but i have to be available all the time now. So im going back to R13 to see if it was ROM related or my batter became corrupt. .
  8. [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    This weekend i went to fontainebleau (france) for 4 days to go rockclimbing in the woods, so i fully charged my phone to use it as GPS when we got lost. When i was going to sleep the first night the phone was allready on 56% when i woke up my phone was off and it wouldnt boot at all, so i was really woried it died from condensation. But when i came home and connected it to my pc the phone just booted and told it was at 1% battery. So i recharged it fully it drained 25% on my working day. When i came home yesterday i synced music to my phone so the battery was 100% again, but when i woke up this morning the phone was off again. Long story short this is the second time my phone is fully discharged over night. Im really woried if this is an atomic related problem or a faulty phone... + Its extremly laggy sometimes when i enter my pincode it takes 3 seconds before the **** shows up. So i really hope this is not my phone.
  9. I live in Sint niklaas 9100, so if you really want that i could do it for you but i would just read the tutorial its easy as pie!
  10. [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    That would be absurd :D since Belgium is neighbors to the UK, so it would be logic if it would choose english UK as stock. Its not that mutch work to change it but maybe there will be complaints in the future :) Also the proximity fix, still works perfectly on all beta versions. The GPS speed patch allso works great. This is still a bug it allways shows the I even if there is no multiple choice button Then for the buttons they are really hard to see, i would do a white line around them and when you select it make it blue or something like that. The screens below are an example, but im sure you will find something :)
  11. [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    That looks really great! When you lock the phone does it also take 2 seconds before the lockscreen shows up? Nevermind works like a charm now, is there a way to have the clock look like that on stock lockscreen? without the chinese ofcourse :D
  12. [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    Ok that looks a lot better it was allready set to "Hd united States" tough. But if i change it to "English (United Kingdom)" Or Dutch (Belgium)" it works like it should :D If you open clock from the app drawer you get this img If you compare it to the lockscreen, the hour on the lockscreen has a blackline around it and the date its way bigger in comparison. I think it looks better on the screenshot. Nevermind i will just learn to live with it :P Anyway im happy with the notificationsbar now :D
  13. [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    Really?? :o its not that i dont like the font, its just i think the notifications bar looked better like it was. Now i shows the date like 2012 4 23 it looks like a serial number i think it would look way better like this 23 - 04 - 2012. But actually i would just leave it like it was on the left picture I dont mind that the carrier name isnt on the notifications bar anymore, but i wouldnt place anything above the ring. As far as the lockscreen goes if it is really stock ics it must be me and my familie who have bad taste :D
  14. [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    Try connecting it to your pc right click "eject" the next time it will install the drivers and usb debugging will show up. At least for me it did :)
  15. [CLOSED 29-05-12]

    Actually i didnt know it was a beta release i didnt check the topic for a while since im very happy with R13. The new theme looks really good, im looking forward to the full release! If you ask me i would include google music instaid of the stock music player, it looks a lot better and it has a search function if you want to search for a track. But then again its not that mutch work to replace it myself :)

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