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  1. What is the Screen time you get?

    He means how many hours of screen do you get, check in the battery stats. You'd be doing extremely well to have nearly 9hours screen on tine
  2. Official UK 5.1.1 OTA now rolling out

    OTA came through today. Initial impressions seem likrna solid build. Also just thought has quick charge been Activated? :)
  3. Official UK 5.1.1 OTA now rolling out

    Could you link the xda forum please? :)
  4. Turkish official 5.1 available

    Great to see and hear. Any initial impressions of the update? eg how it is compared to 5.0.2
  5. Lonespeaker Test ROM

    Has this rom been updated much lately? :) / any progress made 
  6. I presume the 5.1 rom hasnt been put on ztes site yet
  7. Huawei Y300 Gaming

    Presume fallout shelter doesnt work for anyone?
  8. Any chance you can provide the link to the forum post and also a link to the zte site youre checking? please  Thanks :)
  9. Nice, did he say that it has been sent out?
  10. Lonespeaker Test ROM

    Nice! Quick thing about the rom, I know its very early but hows the early performance of the rom seem? :)
  11. Lonespeaker Test ROM

    Nice! You Should make a thread with download links, what's working etc :) and would help get it noticed :). But good work! And good luck
  12. Lonespeaker Test ROM

    Shouldve linked it but I presume its this?
  13. Lollipop OTA update now available in the UK

    Recieved 5.1 update today non carrier model, Tesco model supposedly receiving it as well
  14. Anyone think this will get 5.1?
  15. Lollipop OTA update now available in the UK

    Sounds like the 5.1 update is beginning to roll out :)

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