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  1. cjp40 added a post in a topic Orange San Diego Review   

    Does anyone know if Orange Signal Boost works on the San Diego, this is crucial to me due to poor signal at the office
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  2. cjp40 added a topic in Android General Discussion   

    Best screens ?
    Now we've had some nice weather I've realised just how difficult my screen is to read in bright sunshine. I'm due an upgrade in a few weeks and would like a phone that can be used outdoors ! Based on your experiance what would you recommend ? My present phone is an Acer Liquid Metal MT 120
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  3. cjp40 added a post in a topic How to root your Acer Liquid MT (S120)   

    FWIW I'm using UnlockRoot. Works really well. Downloaded Titanium Backup and have moved 25+ apps onto my SD card
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