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  1. Maybe some code changes done to keep Wi-Fi always on for location?
  2. Android 4.3 on my blade. This device won't die.. Will rescue my blade from the drawer and try this one just to see how it works. Thanks konsta. Your blade's shinning Knight.
  3. Bluetooth isn't connecting to my other Android
  4. I want to be able to set a Bluetooth tethering connection between a ICS phone and a gingerbread portable media player. Using wifi drains the battery on the ICS phone to quickly because 3g plus wifi hotspot is battery overkill. Using Bluetooth uses like half the battery so I need to set this one up.. On ICS there's a option on the Bluetooth device menu that if you click on it it starts the connection without need for anything else. But the client side needs to be a ics or up device for it to work, using a gingerbread device as a client it doesn't work,, even in the server side there isn't any tethering service started. There's any app that allows the ics native ICS Bluetooth tethering to work on gingerbread? I've tried almost all the pre ics apps that theoretically allow to Bluetooth tethering on gingerbread but all failed to work.. :-( just the wifi tethering works and that's a good way to end the day early due to battery drain. If you know how to solve this please help. Thanks
  5. Can you put a link to that kernel?
  6. In this rom the Skype app don't output sound thru the internal / phone speaker but only thru the loud speaker.. Any chance of a patch to solve this? Some roms have this problem
  7. No its not, even the first time it takes too long to connect...
  8. Yeah, I've tried some times and didn't work, have you got it working? if so care to provide a tutorial? more than one client is the goal but one is better than none.
  9. I beg for wifi tethering. not the the third party ad hoc mode that needs root access to login but the normal AP mode..
  10. before this ROM is considered finish I beg people who have the know how to try, to make wifi tethering work on normal ap mode. it works with third party apps but only on ad hoc and not on normal AP mode.. That's too bad for most people because you need root access to have the possibility of connecting to ad hoc in Android. I got 2l other devices that only have wifi and no root access so ad hoc is completely worthless to me.. to me that the only reason I'm considering going back to gingerbread
  11. This ROM stutters a lot, after loading all content is fluid in apps like Google +, but when loading and processing stutters a lot. ICS didn't do this.. Is this bugs or is it our blade not having enough power for jb?
  12. I also don't get picasa. Not even with the 4.1 native app. It doesn't appear on accounts