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  1. worth it comming from the blade?

    I can agree with you in some cases.On OMC i have done so many things and i learn a lot.For experiments and learning is good machine but is not worth more than £60.Overpaying it is not good thinking.
  2. worth it comming from the blade?

    I bought it OMC as my spare phone to save GS2 from dust in my work. Will be no shame if i will scratch iyt or drop it.just cheap android.
  3. worth it comming from the blade?

    It is not only gaming and movies.I have SGS2 ang OMC and others android devices. This is not about how much money you spend it but for what you spend it. It is like buying cars.You can buy new Fiat or 1 year old BMW. Why spend it £130 for something worth not even half of it. If you want just check email or maps buy cheap new android samsung for £60 unlocked in carphonewarehouse. I dont think that new ZTE is better than even 3 years old Samsung or HTC or Sony. Quality of ZTE devises is not good as proper manufacturers. Samsung,HTC,Sony this is good spend money,if you preffer buying cheap staff you will buy only headache for yourself Somebody will say:but i dont have money to buy Top machine.Than wait until you will have it.You will never have money if you will spend for rubbish phones.
  4. Orange San Francisco II leaked

    Not again .
  5. worth it comming from the blade?

    Samsung Galaxy S2 this is proper staff.
  6. worth it comming from the blade?

    My answer is: Not worth it. I had blade and OMC is same piece of .... with bigger screen. 119 + 10 top up it's a joke for device like this. If you can buy for £60 it's good price if more than that is not. Sorry to all if true is painfull but for 130 you can buy second hand HTC Desire,Xperia X10 in mint condition.
  7. Online Upgrade Tool

    MaC address is missing cos wifi card is wiped during unlock and system cannot read it after.simple as wire
  8. Online Upgrade Tool

    In my opinion is no lock in the system Lock are checked before you load the system. It must be somewere in device booting mechanism. FTM
  9. Online Upgrade Tool

    thanks.anything for zte skate v960
  10. Online Upgrade Tool

    curetail pls
  11. Online Upgrade Tool

    It's getting to be interesting staff. So many leaks from ZTE. Somebody was fired and taked ZTE secrets or WTF?
  12. Want to unlock your OMC / Skate? Tutorial here!

    I like chinese girls.
  13. Want to unlock your OMC / Skate? Tutorial here!

    use TW3 to flash CWM
  14. Want to unlock your OMC / Skate? Tutorial here!

    I have done everything whats possible and my omc runs like Galaxy 2. Everything works like must be,wifi,bt,3.5 g etc. I've changed mac adress in nv 4319 and 4329 and it works very good in phone status mac is showing as writen by me but when i am checking via *983*0# it is 11:22:33:44:55:66 but who cares when my omc runs like SGS2
  15. Want to unlock your OMC / Skate? Tutorial here!

    My *983*0# works but wifi mac still showing 11:22:33:44:55:66 when really is 00:50:4c:19:54:30 I unlocked with zte 2.3.5 stock rom