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  1. can anyone share the latest vending apk for this rom? Mine was broken
  2. which tweaks do you use to improve performance? any extra app? overclock? i prefer performance vs animation
  3. That makes this rom faster and smooth? It can run along with Seeder and Greenify? how install it?
  4. which system (s2e, linksd, int2ext..) is the best for this rom?
  5. Can you tell me, the dimension of picture when calling? Sometimes, my phone has some pixeled pics
  6. hello.. if i want to change some apk to the system, like launcher, gallery and so on, i just switch the apk or i can't or exists another method to do it~? I wanna put my app in system when i flash it
  7. How can i test the rom in Windows? I want put some system app and remove other but i need test it before wipe phone
  8. first install of ICS on my blade.. hard keys should wake up? My does