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  1. what about the S3SW ?
  2. sure there is no 'best' ROM personally I converged at "ParanoidJelly - ParanoidAndroid 2.81/CM10 - Android 4.1.2 (03/04/2013)" It is not latest greatest It is not oldest worst It seems (IMHO) to fit the device and I have no complaints about battery and speed
  3. Most recent Google+ and GMail updates force close. Annyone else experience same? update: GMail now works (after reinstall) ... Google+ still (crashes after reinstall) fwiw, Google+ installs on SD card, for some reason
  4. Any hints on how to avoid flashing red select HW button when below 15% battery are welcome, thanks!
  5. Thanks WillDroid So far I found low battery warning to be configurable - popup + sound - popup - sound - off I set to off and will let know here what gives ... hmm: that gave nothing: still flashing, let me try harder
  6. Hi all and C3C0 in particular, I use this ROM for half a year now and I guess I will continue to do so. I have one question: when battery drops below certain percentage (I believe15%), one gets warning to connect charger, so far so good. But, once battery is low, I also constantly see back HW button flash red. Is there a way to (at least for some time) stop this, as it will take energy from battery. Thanks
  7. Hi Mist-e-Fire sorry for late reaction no: I never tried to mod a P4012 as it is not my phone (and my friend who owns it could not care less) still: I think it is a good device which is why I am curious to learn who does what with it not sure about October 2012 upgrade, I think it was bought later ... would you care posting some details mentioned in 'about phone' settings? Thanks and have a nice day
  8. please consider following for info about this device
  9. Thank you droidevil for letting me know!
  10. ... sorry to reply to my own post: I replaced 32Gb SD card with older slower 16Gb one and the unexpected SD unmount, so far, does not happen anymore. have a nice day
  11. external card remounts on different device Hi all I bought a new 32Gb SD card which I partitioned 30Gb vfat (external SD) 1Gb ext2 (for Link2SD) 2Gb swap First two are mounted /dev/block/mmcblk0p1 /storage/sdcard0 /dev/block/mmcblk0p2 /data/sdext2 and everything works great! But invariably after some time (say 1 day, but sometimes 1 hour) apps start force closing and sometimes system says it is safe to remove SD card. When I look at the block devices I notice mmcblk0 is gone and now I have /dev/block/mmcblk1 /dev/block/mmcblk1p1 /dev/block/mmcblk1p2 /dev/block/mmcblk1p3 And /data/sdext2 gives IO errors. Does this ring a bell? Note that I also upgraded to latest 2.81 and I am not sure if that matters ... Thanks! update: Some google-ing reveals many complaints about SD cards being removed unexpectedly. Unfortunately I already gave away previous, slower, card. I may need to buy other card(s) perhaps and see what they give....
  12. hello? nobody with a Medion Life P4012 here :mellow: ?
  13. @razzmataz if sadly RIP skate, what new phone do you use? have a nice day
  14. Some hints for Link2SD users who regularly run short of internal /data space. Remember, Link2SD always needs some spare internal memory to do its operations, so, even if you seem to have, say 20Mb, free, it is possible that the update of a big app fails. 1) if, like I did, you bought several apps, then, apparently, they now go into /mnt/asec (or is it /mnt/secure/asec ?), anyway, they go somewhere where Link2SD cannot handle them. Trick is to back them up with Titanium, uninstall them, and restore them with Titanium who, kindly, puts them in /data/app for Link2SD to not choke on them. 2) if, like I have, your /system has spare room (say 20Mb or even more), then, consider installing (and perhaps paying for) systemcleanup which allows (among many other things) to odex system apps, and delete their /data dalvik cache (reboot needed). Agreed, odex apps are perhaps not perfect, but, odexing big dex ones sure helps to increase some necessary free internal space. As always, be careful Hope this helps others like sure it helps me.

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