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  1. Measure your vivacity battery - 51x46x4. So what? Not the same.
  2. Mine is 1200mAh and this is the max. capacity that I've seen (ebay etc.)
  3. Hi you can buy new touch screen on ebay.
  4. Screen protector Edit: Sorry, company I thought isn't at eBay in this moment. You can use their e-shop
  5. Use other Android phone or buy SD/micro SD adapter.
  6. Nice but p&p is a joke when you live outside of UK...
  7. It doesn't have to be for Vivacity. Seach for case suitable for iPhone 4, N8, E71, i900 Omnia etc - all phones with similar size.
  8. http://android.modac...ies-and-guides/
  9. What I read, San Francisco II or Vivacity aren't Blade II, though they have similiar specification. Official Blade 2 comes to our market (Czech) in these days and looks different - IMHO much worse than SF2. The only difference is CPU which is 1GHz in Blade 2.No mention about display but apparently TFT.
  10. I can try evening. I've got downloaded stock ROM but I forgot to try it yesterday... Edit: In stock ROM no change - same situation as in custom ROMs. I'm using "Ulysse Gizmos compass" and it works fine. So my only problem is skymaps which is unimportant.
  11. No, it was "Flibblesan FLB2-R1", very first modified ROM I found here.
  12. I reinstalled Crescent ROM and then RLS1 to check if there is compass OK. it wasn't. I flashed back Fish and Chips RLS2 and made again sensor test. Compass still doesn't work properly but compass data are different - phone was in same position.
  13. TMV. Your ROM is really perfect and this is the only issue I have. It's nothing important I just like to know what's wrong...
  14. I thought that accelerometer automatically corrects 1G from one axis. I read about it in other forum, so my mistake :)

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