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  1. Xoom wifi-3G Jelly Bean

    Hi everybody! I have a motorola Xoom and I was wondering if I could upgrade my device to jelly bean, so I searched the internet but I couldn't find any ROM that works with my device's version. Does anyone know anything about it? I read that it's needed a particular version of JB because my xoom has wifi AND 3G. Thanks! P.S. Great forum, I have a Galaxy Nexus and I always find everything I need here :D
  2. ROM for Liquid A1

    ok, now I'm updating the cyanogen mod 7.2 that I have on my device and at the end I'll tell you the results. thank you all very much :D :D
  3. ROM for Liquid A1

    So flashing Froyo ROM there's not so much difference with the ones with Gingerbread? Will I miss something from Gingerbread?
  4. ROM for Liquid A1

    Hi everybody :D I've my Acer A1 from years and I've tested a lot of ROM to find the best one (or the one that last the most without getting slow and full of freeze, crash or reboot). Now I have to leave for 3 weeks and I need a ROM that doesn't give problems and that works as better as possible). Could you please counsel me a ROM? I really need a stable one. Thanks a lot!!
  5. Hi, I'm new on the forum but I have been a Liquid A1 user since last year; sorry for my english :) I flashed this ROM 3 day ago and I haven't had too many issues, but I find an annoyng bug that were present in the liquid next 1.8.2 too : when I take a photo using the zoom function, it doesn't work, because the photo is shot without zoom. Am I the only one with this problem? thanks!